Your thoughts on the McMahon Family Drama?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Chaz, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. Your thoughts on the McMahon Family Drama?
    So as we all know the McMahon family is kind of ''feuding'' with each other. Now some people like it, some people don't. I personally don't like it. It's good to see Stephanie & Vince again, but the whole fight between them is just plain stupid and it has no real good story or anything. They're just taking up time which could've been used for young talent or good matches or anyways. At least something better than this, it's just pretty boring and it isn't a surprise RAW's ratings keep lowering.

    So, what are your thoughts on the whole drama between the McMahon family?
  2. I think that if the storyline serves an actual purpose other than just putting the McMahons on TV and HHH something to do, in other words, if it's long term and something comes out of it (Vince's last story? idk) or if it's actually used to help someone (a young talent that somehow gets involved, if it's to be a really big storyline more than one probably), after it's done it'll be good looking back. By now I really don't know because it's just begun, but for now I'm really not against it.
  3. I love this, because (like leo said) i believe this is the end of the vince era, and HHH will come out as the victor.
  4. It's interesting to see what it will lead to imo. Some people have said we could go back to a proper brand split because of it, with Vickie and Brad going to SD and McMahons staying on RAW. We will know more after Vickie's evaluation tonight I guess.
  5. As long as they're not all over the show and just about every important segment is dedicated to only them, then I don't mind them in the show. There's always the chance of something important happening when they're on.
  6. I like it. Seems like one of those MAJOR storylines which we haven't seen for a while and it seems to be somewhat long term.
  7. It has the potential to become something really good if given time. An all out three way war between the three and wrestlers taking sides.
  8. It's an interesting angle and it seems to be a bit of a re-run of the McMahon angle back in the attitude era, which is cool.
  9. WrestleMania 30: Vince McMahon vs. Triple H (Special ref: Stephanie McMahon) over who gets the power lmao.
  10. It's kindof boring at this point in time but it has potential. If they use it to catapult a rising star or to give Triple H the reigns of the company then the storyline would be well worth it.
  11. Vince is retiring at Mania.
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