Your thoughts on the WWE divas?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. I have noticed there isnt a divas section on this forum so I thought to make this thread to read your opinions on the division. What do you think of the divas? who are your favs? what do you think can be done to better the division?

    I know the divas seem to be getting less time on tv nowadays than from the old days when they actually got decent tv/ring time. I think Vince should really let these girls put on a show like the guys do and show the world that they can go out there and put on decent matches. All the divas right now have their own styles and if they got given the time they could show them off. My fav diva is Kelly Kelly now I dont know if any of you like her or not but she really has proved shes more than just a pretty face. She came into the wrestling world with no experience but with her hard work ethic and all the training she did she has shown she can wrestle and this is what I admire about her

    Let me know your thoughts?
  2. There is no section as we don't have enough content for divas at the moment.

    As for my opinion on them, I'll be brutally honest. 99% of the diva roster are models Vince and co found attractive enough to market. Those models are not professional wrestlers. Now, Beth Phoenix, Natayla, Karma and Tamina I guess are the four who are professional wrestlers and should be on TV weekly having long matches. WWE need to resign Gail Kim and numerous other divas from other companies then give them real story-lines and decent enough tv-time.
  3. I just flat out do not care about women's wrestling, and I'm glad it doesn't get much TV time. It was even supposedly said by Vince backstage a few months ago that he feels the diva segments are a huge waste of time but he thinks they bring in a certain demographic, which is the only reason (obviously) that he puts at least one diva segment on the shows every week.

    That said, Aksana is the hottest at the moment.
  4. WWE doesn't care about their divas division therefore -> I don't care about their divas division. They have a few talented workers, but instead I see Kelly Kelly or a Bella slut wrestling every week (well, whenever there is a Divas match, which is about once every 2-3 weeks). They never get storylines, sans Eve who gets a ho storyline, and AJ who is nothing but a prop to help Bryan get heat.

    I'll care when Kharma and Beth are put in an actual feud with one another, but at this point I don't have much faith that WWE will deliver what obviously needs to happen.
  5. I think Diva are Great! Kelly Kelly being the best Divas Wrestler in the World, Eve Great Heel wrestler Diva, Beth, Nataka, Layta when ever she come back. All in all I think the WWe got great diva that just don't use the correctly though why all the GOOF BALLS on here then all the diva suck in WWE! How ever I ownly one that will said the TRUE about how Diva since I AM THE OWNLY that watch then for the start to end of a diva match which everyone else in the IWC will take a bathroom break!

  6. Stopped reading at "kelly kelly is the best diva wrestler in the world".
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  7. Kelly Kelly is literally the worst wrestler on the roster. Anyone who thinks otherwise is obviously a troller
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  8. I just want to know who Nataka is.....:ace:


    YES SHE WATCH HE MATCHEST! And stop taking bathroom break! AND WATCH DAM MATCHEST!

  12. Thanks for replying to my thread its good to have a debate on this subject. What did you all think of the Wrestlemania 28 diva match??? I enjoyed it, it wasent rushed, Kelly Kelly actually did a new move a forward flip off the top rope which was done perfectly, Maria also did well considering she was already injured with her rib
  13. I AGREE! FINALLY SOMEONE SEE THE TRUE! Kelly Kelly is FUCKIN EPIC That sick filp should have been how the match should have ended!
  14. Best quote from Randy yet. We're here for ya lil'guy:otunga:
  15. For what it matters, could be wrong about everyone since all their matches last less than 2 minutes, and I'm spending less than 2 minutes writing this.
    Kelly Kelly: She's at least she's better than Velvet Sky. #positivespin
    Eve: Like her moveset and has a little technical ability, but is still a model.
    Alicia Fox: Too many botches, otherwise has potential.
    Bellas: Not attractive, completely hopeless as wrestlers.
    AJ: An actual talented indy wrestler, so of course she doesn't get a chance
    Kharma: Awesome wrestler, hope she gets a chance to show it
    Kaitlyn: Showing some actual wrestling ability, best looking lady on the roster
    Layla: Improving, gorgeous
    Rosa: Found a way to botch standing in a corner
    Maxine: Great personality, horrific wrestler
    Aksana: Maxine minus the personality
    Beth/Tamina: Green but very solid for typical 2 minute matches
    Natalya: Please release her so she can actually wrestle instead of fart.
  16. Beth & Tamina aren't green at all.
  17. I think Tamina is pretty green from what I have seen of her, but I almost commented on him saying Beth was green. Beth is a beast

    also I just google'd Tamina and found out she was 34 years old. Didn't see that coming
  18. Tamina > Most of the others, though that probably isn't saying much since they're all worse than green. She's average for a general female wrestler but in comparison with the rest she's a female Bret Hart.

    Plus, she actually lives & breathes wrestling, that's good enough for me. The rest are there to look nice on camera.
  19. I love the pretty diva's like the Bella's, Eve, Kelly Kelly, Maxine, AJ and Kaitlyn..
    But for wrestling, I prefer Beth, Natalya and Tamina. They can actually do it. Such a shame how WWE is using Natalya, she's probably the best female wrestler on the roster.
  20. Beth and Kaitlyn > All.
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