Your Top 10 favorite artists' or bands'

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  1. Post them here.. I'll go fist.

    1.) Shinedown
    2.) Seether
    3.) Audioslave
    4.) Guns N' Roses
    5.) Three Days Grace
    6.) Theory of A Deadman
    7.) Breaking Benjamin
    8.) Pink Floyd
    9.) Flyleaf
    10.) Foo Fighters

    What's yours?
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  2. 1. Buckethead
    2. Bob Marley
    3. Guns N' Roses(past and present)
    4. Ron "Bumblefoot" Thai
    5. Jimi Hendrix Experience
    6. Soundgarden
    7. Nirvana
    8. Megadeth
    9. Foo Fighters
    10. Killswitch Engage
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  3. 1) MJ
    2) Oasis
    3) Reverend and the makers
    4) Queen
    5) Early Arctic Monkeys
    6) Biggie Smalls
    7) Milburn
    8) Eminem
    9) Freddie Gibbs
    10) The Jam
  4. Ahhhh Arctic Monkeys, I forgot about them.. Great choices... except for MJ :gusta:
  5. MJ is the bad choice in there? He's the GOAT lol. His live performances were incredible, not to mention his vocal range which carried over so many genres.
  6. I don't care if half of it is mainstream bullshit, I enjoy listening to it so care.

    1. Calvin Harris (Always been a massive + He's Scottish)
    2. Kings of Leon - Seen them live so slightly bias, still awesome though
    3. Oasic/NGHFB
    4. The Proclaimers (Hibs fans :win:)
    5. Alexandra Stan (:fap:)
    6. The Saturdays (:fap:)
    7. Justin Bieber - For being an evil genius and a total lad without anyone knowing, pish music though.
    8. Kasabian
    9. Keane - First album (I think) was unbelievable
    10. Example (Older stuff to make me less mainstream( :jericho:)

    Mock me in 3...2....1....

    Edit - MJ is a great shout and so obvious, forgot about Franz Ferdinand's older stuff as well.
  7. Damn, forgot J Biebs.
  8. 1. Alter Bridge
    2. Evanescence
    3. Pearl Jam
    4. Lacuna Coil
    5. Metallica
    6. Nightwish
    7. Dream Theater
    8. Foo Fighters
    9. Three Days Grace
    10. Stone Sour
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  9. Vocal Range? Adam Lambert matches that easily.
  10. :obama: :yes: :jericho: :otunga: I like this list
  11. I feel like adding you to my fav 5 now.
  12. [yt][/yt]




    All different styles of music he mastered.
  13. Different styles of music? Can I add Buckethead into this debate :emoji_hushed:tunga1: :otunga:
  14. Feel free, I'm always down for listening to something I've never heard before.
  15. We can discuss Lacuna Coil :emoji_grin:
  16. :emoji_grin:
  17. Lacuna Coil are meh :burns:
  18. Lol nooooo
  19. Then again they play gothic metal. A meh genre all in itself #PersonalOpinion

    And even then Lacuna Coil are just average. Good but nothing I'd listen to more than once. Or pay money for to see live.
  20. That's cool, I respect your opinion. Personally, I enjoy them and think they are quite talented.
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