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  1. The title explains it all, say your top 10 members on here! And state the reason to it in short form. So GO! I'll post mine later since I barely know you guys. And I don't just wanna post guys I already knew from the other site.
  2. Myself
    2 Seabs
    3 Crayo
    4 CM Punk
    5 Foxtrot
    6 aids jr
    7 Senhor
    8 Danny
    9 Rain/GN (2 for 1, come at me)
    10 test e fy

    If I didn't mention you don't worry, I probably just hate you
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  3. Damn missed Cole and Albin. This will cause a rift in the Showoff section
  4. You can add honorary mentions you know.
  5. Yea those two are mine
  6. 1. Walter Jr
    2. Seabs
    3. Alkaline
    4. D'Z
    5. Danny
    6. Crayo
    7. Aids
    8. Testify
    9. Xanth
    10. Xanth

    Yeah, Xanth takes up two spots. Hate me.

    Edit: I'll edit if I can think of someone else.
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  7. Dolph's hates me :cry:

  8. :sad:
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    Show Spoiler

    Sorry, just thought I'd fill the void left by Acailler when he bailed on Showoff
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  10. Awkward.

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  11. You are foxtrot
  12. y u do dis?
  13. You were bashing not only COD4 but S&D. Sorry bro

    You got two spots on Punk's list though!
  14. How Acailler doesn't win MOTM every month is befuddling.

    To Acailler
  15. I wanna make a list, but I don't know you guys...
  16. 1 - Alkaline - He's one of the few guys I can discuss various wrestling types with, plus we get on well (too well?)
    2 - D'Z - Funniest member on here, humour helps this place go on.
    3 - Crayo
    4 - Walter Jr
    5 - Draine
    6 - Punk
    7 - Senhor
    8 - Albin
    9 - Test
    10 - Aids

    I was going to do reasons for everyone then remembered i'm lazy.
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  17. He won't, he always says he dislikes choosing members or some shiz.
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  18. Thank you based god Seabs.
  19. Who is Draine? Am I tripping?

    Rain, duh. Ignore this
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