Your top 5 reasons..

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by catlady, Jul 30, 2013.

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  1. What are your top 5 reasons you still watch wwe?

    1.) Okay suspense.
    2.) Daniel Bryan.
    3.) CM Punk.
    4.) Daniel Bryan.
    5.) I sometimes enjoy the story lines, I wont lie.
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    1. A select group of wrestlers
    2. The feel of nostalga
    3. Some of the storylines
    4. To discuss it on here
    5. Some of the action
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  3. 1) Raised with it
    2) Chick got me to keep watching when it was really bad
    3) This forum
    4) New Talent
    5) Less Cena
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  4. I've been watching for 17 years (only about 13-14 non-stop) and it's been such a big part of my life for so long that I'll always be hooked to it in some way. (I even try to watch at least one PPV a day even for goodness sake.) I stopped watching for about three or four years at one point and thought for awhile that my wrestling days were behind me, but yet, here I am posting regularly on a message board dedicated to wrestling. I think wrestling is one of those things you'll always end up going back to at some point even if you leave it alone for awhile.

    There's also a lot of talent that I like today - CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Damien Sandow, Antonio Caesro, Dolph Ziggler, Cody Rhodes, etc. - so that helps to keep watching. At the moment, I'm enjoying Bryan's rise to super stardom, Punk's continual mainstay as a main event player and his feud with Brock Lesnar that should only give him more of a rub, the pushing of new talents like Sandow and Rhodes and the fact that their feud is being treated with importance (especially since it's centered around the MITB briefcase), Dolph Ziggler being turned baby face without suffering a butchering character change and the fact that they're allowing him mic time (shocking, I know), AJ and Kaityln's feud (I admit that a female feud actually has me interested for once in a long time), the strong pushing of The Shield, the introduction of the Wyatt Family, etc.
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  5. I only watch PPV's and the odd segment but I can list the five reasons I do that . . .

    I. This forum. Yeah, without this forum I'd essentially have no reason to bother with WWE or wrestling in general. Even though one of my best friends is still pretty big into it, he's never been much of reason for me to watch it outside of the very rare times he tells to me to watch a match or a segment since we have plenty of other things to discuss outside of wrestling and even past wrestling to discuss, fantasy bookings or wrestling video games. This site, I could do that and have but the sites main focus isn't on wrestling video games and it sure as hell isn't on where my current interests lie.

    II. I promised I would. I gave my word during the Elimination Chamber review I did that I was going to watch every PPV this year, and rank my favorite matches from them and the PPV's themselves as I go along. Granted, this goes right along with number one but when I give my word to something, I do my best to actually keep my word. Pride, you know?

    III. I actually do still enjoy wrestling. Obviously, a wrestling match can still entertain me. I have much interest or investment in anything going on really, and I doubt I ever will again to an extent that I'll resume watching regularly (but it's wrestling so who knows) but I don't really need it to enjoy a good wrestling match. And while I wouldn't actively choose a wrestling match as a form of entertainment anymore doesn't mean it doesn't entertain me now and then.

    IV. Optimism. I have to clarify, when, "resume watching regularly," I meant more than a segment from a certain superstar but basically, I am optimistic that there will be something that gets me checking out videos of weekly of the current going ons of somebody. Maybe it will be Daniel Bryan, maybe it'll be Dolph Ziggler, but a part of me truly believes that one of those guys with the right story can get me watching their segments weekly. And hell, maybe even the full show because truthfully, I don't entirely want what I said in the previous reason to be true. I want to believe that someday WWE will reform enough that it'll get me back as a fan/watcher and while they're still very, very far away, they've been making positive strides in that direction.

    V. I don't have another reason. I don't need another one.
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    1) It's entertaining. I wouldn't watch a show if it's not entertaining, and WWE Raw, Smackdown, Main Event and TNA Impact! Wrestling are all entertaining enough to make me want to tune in every week.
    2) Daniel Bryan and co. I tune in every week, not only for the entertainment and action, but for my favourite wrestlers. Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Austin Aries, Chris Sabin, Antonio Cesaro, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow ect.
    3) New Talent. I love to see the new guys make an impact, especially the Wyatt's impact when they debuted. It's also nice to see a new guy become a star, and say that you were there when he began.
    4) The surprising turns. I love it when we get the surprises, whether it be a face/heel turn, a championship belt change or whatever. For example, when Sabin beat Bully Ray to win the TNA WHC.
    5) Nothing better to do. Yep.
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  7. 1. The booking. Whenever there's a complex storyline (mostly with TNA), it's a lot of fun + very calming to think about what the payoff would be, what could happen next, etc. There's nothing in the world that combines the sort of sports + acting + writing + drama that wrestling does, no matter which part got you into the "sport"

    2. It's fun, and relieving, to criticize. It's wholly irrelevant so when an angle doesn't go the way you want, it's only a TV show so you can complain about it all you want without it affecting your life. A lot better than getting pissy over stuff like the 'murrican government which will affect your life and there's nothing you can do about it, no matter what the history books say.

    3. Watching new talent get elevated is always fun. It's my favorite part of wrestling as you all know, meaning these Daniel Bryan and Chris Sabin pushes are giving me a ton of excitement right now.

    4. Because boobs. Great to be a women's wrestling fan right now, which ties into there being ups and downs but that only makes the ups that much sweeter.

    5. Because I swear there's some sort of Pac-Man like creatures in the air in Tennessee that you breathe into your skull and start devouring your brain lmao. Like last week, a 400-pound friend of mine bought a cheap car on Craigslist, but it was on sale since someone tried to install hydraulics and botched it so it was riding too low to the ground, so they tried to fit 3 other 300-pounders + one actually healthy 150 pounder in it and the car started dragging against the ground, so then they kept trying to drag it across town to predictable results. And then a couple of days before that saw some idiot ran a red light and get hit by a big orange bus she claimed she didn't see... Yeah, I need any excuse I can to stay inside + be around the intelligent people that I pretend still exist on WWEF, it's dangerous out there.
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  8. 1-5. So I don't look like a total ass on this forum.

    inb4 that ship has sailed.
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  9. 1. The forums
    2. I used to watch it when I was a child so I wanted to "return" but knowing what all is about (Smark)
    3. The spots. Whether you like it or not (The WWE) there are some matches that are awesome. For example TLC'12 the Shield.. You can't hate that match
    4. Rhodes, Ziggler, Bryan and AJ. I mean, if I stop watching, I would be like, did they ever make it to the top? I've been watching regularly for a year and well.. A year ago they were all at the Midcarders and now they have got that push. So I HAVE to continue watching. At least until they have establish theirselves as main eventers.
    5. The athletism wrestling means. Moonsaults, kicks, Suicide divings.. Those are things you are at home and you wonder how they do it. And then you want to try it. I actually do with my brother but whatevs
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  10. It vents out my anger to people.
    Specific Wrestlers.
    Optimism about the Divas Division.
    It gives me inspiration sometimes
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  11. Funny how Britanica liked every single fuckin post in this thread :haha:
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    1. This Forum, if it weren't for this forum I probably wouldn't watch at all.
    2. Daniel Bryan
    3. A handful of other guys (Wyatt's, Cesaro, etc)
    4. The occasional good-great match
    5. To shit on and laugh at some of the retardedness and ridiculousness of the show.
  12. I really have no idea. If I had to choose 5.

    1. I have to. Like literally, I tried taking a break once then a Monday night hit and I was bored to shit. Then Thursday night came and I was thinking about TNA. It's like an addiction.
    2. The newish guys. Wyatt, Cesaro, Ziggler, NXT guys
    3. The WWE Title feuds are still pretty nice.
    4. I think WWE is improving little by little each year and I want to see where it goes.5
    5. The forum.
  13. This forum
    My gf loves it
    Its entertaining
    Certain talents
    Always been in my life
    1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Read above
    3. READ ABOVE!
    5. I'm tired of telling you to read above so I'm going to have a nap
  14. 1. The talent! I believe WWE has one of the best rosters in the world right now including NXT. Ohno, Zayn, Wyatt, Ambrose, Rollins, Reigns, Bryan, Cesaro, Ziggler, Axel, Jericho, Punk, Christian, Uso's, Orton, Barrett, Kidd, Kightston, Harper, Rowan, Swagger, Fandango, Sandow, Rhodes, Langston, Neville, Kruger, Del Sol (Unassigned), Sami Calihan, Graves and Kane. Even the womans division have AJ, Natalya, Kaitlyn, Paige and Summer Rae!

    2. Booking/Storylines! They are improving a lot of this since the beginning of the year especially on Raw they are booking better feuds and matches overall

    3. This Fucking Place! This place, I used to have to voice my opinions on youtube video comments with all the stupid marks who dont know shit and other forums just didnt appeal to me, Then I found this place and have never looked back, The community is brilliant here.

    4. My Training! My training got me back in to wrestling and every week when I watch if I see a new move or spot I will write it down and ask to practice it at training.

    5. I Just Do! I just love wrestling, I love everything about it, The giant stages, The storylines, The crazy characters and the in ring work. I wake up on a Tuesday annoyed that I fell asleep during Raw and hop to, watch and discuss. If I dont it feels odd for me.
  15. 1. Feeling left out when my friends irl talk about it..
    2. Bray Wyatt
    3. The new debuts
    4. Returning legends
    5. Conclusion of feuds.
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