Your top 5

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  1. Everyone has a set of wrestlers who they class as favorites from the history of the WWE so who are yours?

    1. SCSA
    2. The Rock
    3. The Undertaker
    4. Bret Hart
    5. HBK
  2. 1) SCSA
    2) Jericho
    3) Taker
    4) Rock
    5) Masked Kane/Heel HHH. (Rowdy Roddy Piper too xD)
  3. 1) Mr Kennedy
    2) Chris Jericho
    3) UnderTaker
    4) The Rock
    5) Batista
  4. Edited mine. You really like Mr Kennedy ay? :emoji_slight_smile: I wish we got to see more of him I must admit.
  5. Yes I do. He was always my favorite. Main reason I want to start watching TNA again.
  6. How's he doing in TNA now do you know? I saw the shoot promo that basically said it was HHH's fault he got fired, many people believed it was Orton. He insults HHH's nose I think lmao. Always loved his mic work to be fair.
  7. Yeah his mic work was the best. I am not sure about how he is doing in TNA. Only watched the first few episodes when he joined.

  8. That's the mic segment, on HHH.
  9. Really I think it is a bit unfair what he says. The WWE made him.
  10. And destroyed him at the same time. He sort of made himself with his mic ability. Dunno about his wrestling ability, HHH has been known to be a dick like that though.
  11. Yeah he is known for it. He has to power to make or break someone and normally chooses break. His wrestling abilities were quite good. His use of the mic was better but he was overall a good wrestler too.
  12. Not seen many of his matches so can't say, but he has a gift on the mic definitely. Everyone thought he was fired mainly because he injured Orton with a sloppy move, so Orton gets all the slack. But clearly judging from that promo it was more HHH.
  13. Am I the only one who sees as Anderson as being slightly lazy? He's very creative but when he finds a good gimmick and is allowed to control his character he doesn't seem to evolve it for me. The asshole gimmick he ran in TNA was great but now it's very stale for me. Really talented speaker though when he keeps his material fresh.
  14. Haven't seen enough to put my opinion in there to be honest. Anyone with his mic skills should definitely be a top star though.
  15. 1. Masked Kane.
    No particular order,
    Jeff Hardy.
    Kurt Angle.
  16. I can't understand how Jeff Hardy is there. Well, in his prime he was a beast. But didn't his showing at *insert TNA PPV here* with Sting make you absolutely despise him?
  17. I'm thinking only of the past, but he's still good in TNA now. The athleticism of the Hardy Boyz was great to watch.
  18. His current list

    1) Dean Ambrose
    2) Ambrose
    3) Dean
    4) Jon Moxley
    5) Sheamus
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  19. 1. Daniel Bryan
    2. Bryan Danielson
    3. American Dragon
    4. Bryan "Daniel Bryan" Danielson
    5. The American Dragon Daniel "Bryan Danielson" Bryan
  20. All time:
    1. Chris Jericho
    2. Shawn Michaels
    3. Mr.Perfect
    4. Macho Man
    5. Undertaker

    1. Dean Ambrose
    2. Cody Rhodes
    3. Daniel Bryan
    4. Curtis Axel
    5. Wade Barrett