Your top video games of the new millennium?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Meshuggah, Apr 14, 2013.

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  1. Lot of good games came out in the past 13 years, from Resident Evil 4, to Silent Hill 4, to Red Dead Redemption, Ratchet and Clank, and more.

    I personally have a top 100+ list of games this millennium, so i'll list three that I put well over 100 hours in:

    1. Red Dead Redemption - The BEST Western video game of all time, depicts the whole western feel so well. Sometimes I regret selling it..

    2. Uncharted 2 - While I really enjoyed Uncharted 3, Uncharted 2 took up more of my time since it had a lot more to it, plus, the SP was ten times better. I'm looking into buying this one again.

    3. Fight Night Champion - Since this is a WWE forum, thought I would put in a sports game. Fight Night Champion has taken up so many hours of my life it's ridiculous..I mostly spend my time online or on Legacy mode, but it's pure fun nonetheless.

    You guys?
  2. Red Dead Redemption is really the only gamed I played constantly, so that one. Not a big gamer though.

    Also, MLB and NFL games ftw.
  3. RDR has one of the coolest soundtracks ever. Only rivaled by San Andreas, imo.

    edit: add San Andreas to my list.
  4. I feel tempted making a top 100 list of my fav new millennium games :/ I think I just might...
  5. Red Dead Redemption

    Half-Life 2

  6. Shadow of the colossus. If a sequel was ever made, I would pull down my pants and let it take my virginity
  7. 1. Legend of Zelda: The Windwaker
    2. Team Fortress 2
    3. Portal 2
    4. Metal Gear solid 3
    5. Resident Evil 4
    6. GTA: San Andreas
    7. World Of Warcraft
    8. Pokemon Black 2
    9. Halo 2
    10. Skyrim (i'd have said Oblivion, but this game is essentially just a better version of it)

    There are easily more than 10, but these are 10 I can think of that most of you on here will know.
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  8. sooo, then none of you have played bioshock infinite yet.....

  9. No, I haven't, but Bioshock is def up there(the first, the second was awesome, but the first was amazing in terms of epicness).

    I have heard really great things about infinite, though.

    I agree about skyrim ^ Though, I am not a huge elder scrolls fan, I want to see a Fallout 4 with the skyrim engine. NOW
  10. I'm just going to throw Heavy Rain out there as one of the best. I have zero motivation to actually do the entire process that would be required to get an even top ten of this down (though I probably will later) but I can guarantee that Heavy Rain would make the list somewhere.
  11. Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, by a colossal margin.
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  12. I really enjoyed my playthrough of Heavy Rain, never replayed it though...don't know why, there was a lot of replay ability to the game. It's a unique form of art, that is true.
  13. Red dead redemption, UFC and the Assassins Creed saga may be my top games...
  14. Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword by a long country mile.
  15. GTA San Andreas


    You're learning to fly, while listening to this song on K-DST

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  16. Red Dead Redemption, GTA: San Andreas, Heavy Rain, Uncharted 2, Gears of War 3.

    Also not sure if Ocarina of Time was the new millennium but if it is, then that.
  17. MGS 2-4
    Warhawk was fun
    Jak and Daxter series
    and I gotta add the original Unreal Tournament it came out in Nov 99 so its close to being 2000. Best FPS imo with the best soundtrack
  18. It took me so fucking long to pass this mission. Holy shit.
    I nearly ragequit on life.
  19. Yeah, loved the game, raged a lot on the GTA games, though. Mostly vice City's missions, not SA, since SA was the first GTA I ever beat.
  20. Battlefield & Call of Duty Series
    NBA 2K Series [Who killed NBA Live Series]
    Assassin's Creed Series [Hell yeah! The New way of Playing Action & Adventure]
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