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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jan 27, 2014.

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  1. After the Rumble a couple of things fell into place.

    1.) Bray vs Cena most likely going down
    2.) Batista vs ??? for the title.

    I'll go ahead and assume Batista vs Lesnar will be the title match. Bray vs Cena. Bryan vs Taker (its the only match that is high enough profile to contain DB's popularity at this point. He makes sense for Taker if Cena/Lesnar aren't the guy, and I think Taker has spoken about wanting to work with Bray.

    Punk vs HHH seems likelier than ever once Punk disposes of Kane.
    Rhodes Bros feud is on like DK
    New Age Outlaws vs Usos pre show? I would bet on it. Make it a triple threat tag team title match with the Real Americans and you've got a party.
    Still pulling for a triple threat match between The Shield at Mania, with Reigns going over obviously.

    That leaves... Sheamus vs Orton, not sure how or why it would happen but they are the only noobs left.

    IF this is how it shapes up, it isn't quite ideal but it would be a good card IMO.
  2. I assume that Batista vs. Orton is happening. If Lesnar isn't facing Taker. Batista vs. Orton vs. Lesnar. BAH GAWD.
  3. I just can't see WWE continuing to send Randy out like a lamb to the slaughter in front of all these crowds that just fucking bury him. Tonight made it clear: he has to be removed from the main event scene.
  4. I see him losing it at EC and complaining for a rematch and ending up being in it. Lesnar vs. Batista vs. Orton has been a huge prediction of mine for 'Mania. It pretty much depends on if Lesnar vs. Taker is final.
  5. Also, about the SHIELD triple threat at 'Mania. I've been predicting that shit for like half a year now. It happened in FCW and it was pretty good. Roman Reigns had gangsta music.


  6. The match will be way more epic now that he has the spear.
  7. If he can find a way to spear them both at the same time and pin the two of them stacked on top of one another it would be a GOAT moment.
  8. Yeah, I was literally just talking about all the spots they could pull on Skype. Like, Ambrose does this sell when he gets clotheslined usually, it's like he does a headstand with his neck or whatever. But I could see Ambrose getting caught with a mid-air spear. They could recreate the double samoan drop from the FCW match where Ambrose went for the Alabama Slam on Rollins but Reigns picked them both up. Or have Ambrose go for that and he spears Ambrose while he is holding Rollins in the Alabama Slam position. Rollins hitting a blackout on Ambrose from the top rope would be fucking amazing. Plus, what if Ambrose hit a Headlock Driver on Rollins on the ring apron? ALL THIS SHIT MAN! ALL OF IT!
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  9. They can steal the show!
  10. I really hope they give DB Taker, like you said. I agree about the popularity, and it would be really interesting to see fans torn between the deadman, and bryan.
  11. I'd be fine with Brock Lesnar versus Batista being for the strap. It's the only championship match that I can see headlining Wrestlemania XXX (and I do mean literally headline, as in not just a big marquee match but the one that actually closes out the show.) Brock is much more credible than Orton and Lesnar/Batista is one of the few remaining 'dream matches' that WWE has yet to bank on and now is the perfect time to do it. If Batista/Orton ends up being for the strap, there's no way it goes on last. I can't see any Orton match going on last or going on after whatever Triple H is involved in due to the simple fact that Triple H is higher on the totem pole than Orton is when it comes to the whole Authority angle.

    Cena/Wyatt seems like a lock now unless they turn it into something like Cena/Bryan against the entire Wyatt Family in a handicap match (for what it's worth, Cena and Bryan are booked as a team against the Wyatts on upcoming house shows for the next few weeks.)

    Undertaker will either square off against Brock Lesnar or Daniel Bryan. Maybe Sting if this year is the year that the Stinger actually does come to the WWE.

    Daniel Bryan will wrestle either Undertaker (maybe), HBShizzle (no) or the Wyatts along with John Cena (almost certainly not.) I can't foresee that match with Sheamus becoming a reality unless WWE REALLY does have a disdain for the fanbase for cheering Bryan on.

    Punk/Triple H seems obvious now.
  12. Last night didn't change much really. However The Streak match is up in the air. If they had decided on Lesnar surely Heyman would no longer be talking about the Championship and how he's #1 contender, right? I don't want to see Bryan face it because at this stage he needs to be winning big matches to continue his momentum.

    CM Punk v Triple H
    John Cena v Bray Wyatt
    Dean Ambrose v Seth Rollins v Roman Reigns

    They are definitely happening. Then, they could go two ways:

    Daniel Bryan (C) v Batista (heel, joined authority), & Brock Lesnar v The Undertaker
    Brock Lesnar (C) v Batista, & Daniel Bryan v The Undertaker

    I just don't see how Orton carrying the ONLY significant title into WrestleMania is good for the company.
  13. Lockard agreed with my ideas guys! WOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I was fucking on point last night or something!
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  14. Not sure if this is serious or sarcasm... I'm gonna go with a little of both.
  15. Quite like the idea of Cena & Bryan v The Wyatts. The company's two top babyfaces hopefully putting over the new dominant stable. Much better than Bryan in a throwaway, short undercard match that looks likely.
  16. Sheamus vs Bryan
    Roman vs Rollins vs Ambrose
    Cody vs Goldust
    Orton vs Batista (Match will be buried by the crowd)
    Wyatt vs Cena
    Taker vs Lesnar
    In that order. Taker closing the show.
  17. Plus Punk vs HHH
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  18. Yeah ofc Knew I was missin a match
  19. P-S: Sheamus v Ryback
    1: Cody Rhodes v Goldust
    2: Roman Reigns v Dean Ambrose v Seth Rollins
    3: Big E Langston (C) v Alberto Del Rio
    4: John Cena & Daniel Bryan v The Wyatt Family
    5: Randy Orton (C) v Batista
    6: AJ Lee v Tamina Snuka
    7: The Undertaker v Brock Lesnar
    8: New Age Outlaws (C) v The Real Americans v The Usos
    9: Triple H v CM Punk

    lol dunno
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  20. That in all honesty is an uninspiring line up.
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