Your views on swearing

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  1. Some seem to take a lot of offence when cursing is used, others enjoy using to raise awareness of a point and some drop it in casual conversation as a chance to formulate their next point instead of using words such as "umm".

    So how do you feel about it being used?
  2. I'm pro-swearing.
  3. All for it, you fucking Seabs trash.
  4. Crayo is a fag
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  5. Re: RE: Your views on swearing

    Any particular reason, im guessing you were both brought up with it being acceptable (I know I was lol) so it's that influence.
  6. I don't mind it. Just don't fucking use it in every fucking sentece. F*CK!
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  7. Lets FUCK!!!! I'll fuck anything that moves!! :vince:
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  8. You're asking me for a reason? Well son, I don't have one.

    But I do have joke for my good friend Xanth:

    Jerkstore called. They're running out of you.
  9. Fine if with friends. Don't like it if its children in front of their parents, or parents in front of their children.
  10. It isn't ever necessary. You can make your point without swearing.
  11. I can safely say probably all of us have grown up with it.

    It's never necessary but we've grown accustomed to it. Some points do get lost without it, such as jokes.

    I just think censorship in general is just really stupid.

    It's like we say to kids all the time "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt you", yet parents are just so butt-hurt when one little swear word might've reached a child's ears. Instead of keeping those things away from them as much as you can, why not just explain to them why exactly it is wrong and why they shouldn't say them? They are going to hear them one way or another.

    And another thing is in songs, like on the radio, we know exactly what they're saying so why is it still necessary to censor them? I know it's a rule on radio that they can't put swear words, but if we know what they're saying, even with the censor, the message is still delivered. So, it's like... why?

    I mean, I'm not one to swear a lot in real life anyway, but a lot of things about it just makes me really confused.
  12. I don't mind it
  13. Depends how it is used. Its intention is emphasis, when it's unneeded it's incredibly pointless. If you're having a debate with someone and you disagree and start cursing towards him, then it's just immature and not nice to read. However, if you're watching something live and something crap happens, then a page swearing at Vince can be hilarious. I think it's silly to get offended by labelled curse words, but I do think it's rather annoying to read in particular cases.
  14. I'm above it, but i know a lot of people lower themselves to that trashy language.

    It depends where really. I dont swear at work, or at church, or where i have to, but i think its great for emphasis. No word strikes as intentionally as ****.
  15. I'd say it myself but I'd be better off letting someone much more intelligent than I am say it for me:

  16. Depends, talking with my friends yes I do it, talking with people I just met, no.Using it in debates, no. Using it in front of my parents :pity:

    I don't see any wrong in it just talking with my friends and using swear words, I can use other words for other stuff, it just feels casual saying fuck and shit to me.
  17. I swear on a regular basis, but it's annoying when people say Fuck every two words in every sentence. Otherwise, I don't see the problem with cursing. These words shouldn't even considered a big deal. It's people's choices to see them as "bad words" when in reality they're just words. There's a lot of jokes (or rants) that wouldn't be nearly as funny or effective without cursing. I'd even go so far as to say that those who get offended by mere curse words need to grow up lol.
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  18. I find it interesting and the people that uses it, makes them a rebel. Hell I have a sailor mouth on me. [email protected] YEAH!!!
  19. I swear a lot, lol. So pro.
  20. To me... Swearing is trashy when it is over used by men but trash when used at all by young girls and women. idk why but females who swear all the time... its just very unattractive and trashy to me. I will swear here and there around my husband but for the most part, I don't swear at all in front of others.
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