Your wang Tamed?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Danielson, Dec 11, 2013.

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  1. Pretty simple, are you playboyz single or are you shackled up?

    I have a gf, she has tits and a vagina which I really enjoy. Sometimes i wish she was xanth though because we get along better.

    Are you single?
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  2. Been seeing this chick for a couple months now or so. Gotz a nice ass, prutty face,kinky/naughty, and has similar interests and mindset. So all in all, a prutty good match. :fap:
  3. Single. Always the second/third choice for dating/ :downer:
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  4. Dayum, I can respect that brother.
  5. Gotta find a girl that will make you her #1.
  6. She's in my dreams :yay: Maybe....she's dead but she still loves me :hmm: GOTTA DIG UP HER GRAVE
  7. What ya gotta do is stop fucking with aint shit bitches. Ya dig?
  8. o3o but dogs are pretty
  9. Agreed but you described a mut
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  10. True :hmm: Where can I earn the arts of loving a woman?
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  11. If you want ill post a thread on how to reel em in and seal the deal
  12. Perhaps another day :happy:
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  13. You're young. You'll find your perfect mate, no worries. :tyson:
    Takes time and crappy relationships/let downs. Makes it all the more special when you meet the right person though.
  14. Spoken for. My gf is awesome for me similar interests including the WWE. First time I've not been treated like utter garbage in a relationship.
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  15. I have a pretty deep relationship [​IMG]
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  16. Murried.
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  17. I don't dig relationships.
  18. Yeah, usually I don't either bro
  19. I have a great relationship with my bed. She loves me and I love her. We spend over 9 hours together and never argue. We're so cute...
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  20. Ditto
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