Your worst bug experiences

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  1. I'm the #1 bug hater in the world so it's aprpopraite I make this thread.

    I'm allergic to wasps and my worst experience by far was being in this like tunnel thing you get that the parks. It was quite long and loads of kids were in it with me. Wasp came in and the kids ran, I was last out and the wasp was behind me and it was flying all around me. Hit my head several times in the tunnel crying my absolute eyes out.

    Was 10 at the time.

    Go, post yours. :sad:
  2. None that I can think of.
  3. Was a few years ago and was walking around with my mate kicking a football around, he booted it off a fence and accidentally hit a wasp hive. Got stung by three while he didn't even get stung once -_-

    Oh yeah, and I also missed Scotland's last win as I was in hospital as I took an allergic reaction to another wasp sting -_-
  4. :win: Both allergic to wasps :win:

    Oh wait, now I know how sad that sounds.
  5. I've been stung by a few wasps. Not allergic, like a boss.
  6. It's not sad at all :yay: *Virtual brofist*
  7. I was very young at the time, in my room organizing my dolls (ugh) and I heard this buzzing noise at various times. It scared me because it was all so random. It continued a few days. As it turned out, it was a fly dying a slow, scream-filled death on my window sill. It's sickening to ponder isn't it?

    I have another story, but rather not post because forumers may be eating while reading this
  8. I've had a flu bug for around 14 days now.

    Oh, :isee:
  9. Don't worry I'm sure Xanth won't mind.
  10. You are too kind, we probably wouldn't get on. If any flying bug comes into my room I shout saying "KILL IT, FUCKING GOD DAMN KILL IT!"

    I'm going to hell, but at least there won't be bugs there :boss1:.
  11. Crayo, if you consider deleting this for a moment, bless your heart

    I saw this dead cat in a gutter and was too scared to touch. After a few days, its gut began to swell like a balloon. Within the next few days, maggots began eating it out and crawling upon it. Not long after, I could see it rotting and its bones were showing. Ewww. I finally begged a friend to shovel it and garbage it.
  12. lmao you think bugs go to heaven? All bugs are in hell, buddy. That's what makes it hell.

    Luckily for me I'm going to heaven praise jesus
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  13. Lol I wouldn't delete that. I too hate the sight of animals dead, animals that I actually consider animals like cats and dogs. I laugh my ass off and give the finger if I see a dead wasp or hornet or spider or any insect for that matter.

    Hell no, they don't break no laws, they just do what nature tells them to do, WHAT GOD MADE. They're going to heaven, have fun with the hornets.

    There are like 3 layers of pointlessness to this discussion, but if I DID believe in heaven/hell and bugs WERE going to heaven that would be fine anyway, because

  15. I have fleas. :smug1:
  16. dont think i have any. never been stung either
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