Your Worst Ideas...

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Acailler, Jun 25, 2012.

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  1. Simple:

    What is the worst idea you've ever had?


    Thinking I can organise 4 HUGE communal events AND thinking I can cope bringing a group of 10 Israeli kids to Liverpool to stay with the community for a the same time...on my own....:upset:

  2. Ouch man.

    Mine would probably be thinking I could get away with holding on to a moving police car on a skate board. Received a fine.
  3. i tried gluing the jack back onto my headphones after it snapped off. Wasted good Gorilla Glue on that dumbass idea
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  4. masturbating with no tissues to clean up :upset:
  5. Reading the post right above me was my worst lately, at least.
  6. probably sex with a fat chick in high school. She wasn't that ugly, and had massive tits, and in my drunken state it was a good idea. The ridicule I received from my friends made it definitely not worth it. I still haven't lived that down with some of them.
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  7. Posting my thoughts on a forum thinking people wont bash me.

    Forgeting to lock the door when fapping.

    Forgot to delete history on my computer.

    Hanging with the cool group of kids and getting into trouble.

    Spray painting people's houses and garbage cans.
  8. Thinking I could get away with rep spamming. :cool: Other than that I don't make many mistakes. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:erfect:
  9. Watlzed into the rain, now I'm sick! ://
  10. Firing fireworks into a walk in tunnel with my friends in the other end of the tunnel. They and their ears were not pleased with me and my friend who did it.
  11. Getting drunk and proposing to my ex gf!
  12. Typical Manchester style. :haha:
  13. LMAO true lasted six months from that point!
  14. Did you propose in the kebab shop? (That's a Manchester thing right? Or is kebab shops strictly London?)
  15. No kebab shop is Manchester style. But no I was a little classier and proposed in the local Indian restaurant.
  16. Which one? I spent most of my time in Manchester...mainly Prestwhich!
  17. It was Mughil on the curry mile.

    And no way Prestwich just up the road from where I'm based in Bury.
  18. My other half used to live in Fallowfield when she was a mere student...I know the curry mile well...NOM.

    My other half lives in Prestwhich, local stop Bowker Vale
    Grandparents live in Unsworth
    Sister lives in Pic :emoji_grin:
  19. Yup know them areas fairly well Prestwich better than most as used to date a girl round there in the past.

    And yes NOM at the curry mile it's awesome.
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  20. Sticking blue tack up my nose when I was younger and having to go to hospital.
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