Your Wrestlemania 28 Card!

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Saylor, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Have a bit of fun and state how you'd book your WrestleMania 28 card, whether it's not storyline related, how would you like your WrestleMania 28.
    • Thug Cena vs The Rock - WWE Title
    • CM Punk vs Y2J Chris Jericho - Best in the World Match
    • Masked Kane vs Badass Undertaker
    • Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett - World Heavyweight Championship
    • Dolph Ziggler vs Mick Foley
    • Kharma vs Beth Phoenix vs Kelly Kelly
    • Jack Swagger (accompanied by Vickie Guerrero) vs Zack Ryder (accompanied by Eve Torres)
    • Money in the Bank Ladder Match
    • Cody Rhodes vs Dustin Rhodes (Goldust)

    I know that's too many matches, but that's what I would be my ideal WM28.
  2. Pretty much the same. Thuogh I wouldn't have Cena as thug Cena, or Taker as badass. I'd include Bryan into the WHC match and make Zigglers match a hardcore match.
  3. Thug Cena would be really interesting again, miss them days. Yeah, I agree into making Zigglers match into a Hardcore match but there's only so much you can do due to it being PG.
  4. It's an old gimmick though, he's so talented so he could have something completely original.
  5. I agree to an extent, but his characters so good as a thug and would fit perfectly.
  7. One of my all time favorite themes.