Your wrestling name, the Curtis Axel formula

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Stopspot, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. Look out Brit. I'm zeroing in on your turf.

    Here's a game for you all. If you were a wrestler, and you had to pick your name based on the Curtis Axel formula (Name of father + name of grandafather = what your name is going to be). What would your ringname be?

    Mine would be Peter Bo...Could be worse I guess.
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  2. You're such a jobber.
  3. You will obviously be future hall of famer.

    You're name is similar to Bo "GOAT" Dallas
  4. Got my claim to fame right there. Might as well give me a belt right now. They'll be Bo'ing my name in minutes.
  5. Howard Clayton.

    :jericho: ok then.
  6. I will do my mother & nana since I am not a dude...

    Gail Santa

    :hmm: :facepalm:
  7. Barry Jack. Some sort of cowboy gimmick, perhaps
  8. Christopher Ronald.
  9. Michael malcom
  10. I have no fucking clue Oliver
  11. Rodrigo Rodrigo :lol1:
  12. Shane Percy
  13. Thomas George. I actually rather like that.
  14. I have a weird family. Fathers name is Daniel Bryan Woods, and my grandfathers name on my moms side is Bryan Oberheim.

    So i'd be Daniel Bryan.
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  15. :mog:
  16. James Kenny. Holler. If we went by their nicknames id be Ape Boozy :boss1: So maybe half and half, James Boozy.
  17. Andrew John!
  18. William Arthur
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