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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by True Warrior, Nov 19, 2012.

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  1. If you could pick the matches for WWE TLC 2012 what would they be?
  2. Hea

    TLC - WWE Championship - Punk vs Cena - Perfect way to end the fued, with the winner obviously going on to face Rocky. Punk wins.

    Chairs Match - World Heavyweight Championship - Big Show vs Sheamus - Ziggler cashes in after a Sheamus victory.

    Tables match - Ambrose (w/Rollins/Other guy) vs Ryback - Ambrose wins due to interference.

    Intercontinental Championship - Damien Sandow vs Kofi Kingston - Sandow wins.

    Randy Orton vs Dolph Ziggler

    US Championship - Cesaro vs R-Truth or someone else I don't care about. Cesaro win.

    The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio

    Fatal 4 way Ladder match - Tag team championships - GayKidd vs Rey and Cara vs PTP vs Team Hell No
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  3. RE: Hea

    Totally agreed.
  4. WWE title match - CM Punk vs Ryback in a tables match
    WHC match - Big Show vs Sheamus in a chairs match with a Dolph Ziggler cash in after Sheamus wins
    IC title match - possibly Kofi Kingston vs Wade Barrett
    Tag team title match - Team Hell no vs PTP vs Rey/cara in a TLC match (it'd be awesome to get Kidd/Gabriel in aswell)
    John Cena vs Dolph Ziggler
    The Miz vs Alberto Del Rio vs Orton (miz needs a match because of his push, Orton needs a match cos of his heel turn and unfortunately Alberto just needs a match cos the WWE like him) maybe this could be a number 1 contender ladder match for the WHC at RR even.
  5. -WWE Championship TLC Match, if Rollins/Ambrose/Roman/Heyman interfere Punk loses the belt: Punk vs Ryback. Punk retains clean, no need to overbook things. Match lasts a good long while.
    -WHC: Sheamus vs Big Show, Chairs Match. Already built, just have Show win clean in under 5 minutes and end the feud
    -#1 Contenders Match for the WHC: Randy Orton vs Wade Barrett. Barrett trades in his IC title shot to get in this match. 20+ minute match where Orton goes over (a Bull Hammer into RKO spot would be pretty cool), but Barrett looks dominant in defeat.
    -The Miz vs Damien Sandow. Miz just turned face... why don't you let him feud with a heat magnet to get him over? Sandow can take the loss.
    -Cena vs Ziggler, Ladder Match with the GM Contract on the line (UGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH). Ziggler wins to keep Vickie in charge, complete with epic camera angle of Ziggler victorious on top of the ladder as AJ is having to help up the laid-out Cena
    -Tag Title Match: Hell No vs 3MB (Slater and Mahal). May as well throw these guys on the filler show and save the intriguing tag matchups for RR and 'Mania.
    -US Title Tables Match: R-Truth vs Antonio Cesaro. Truth gets a suicide dive set up, but is distracted by a mysterious woman (Sara Del Rey) running out of the crowd and giving Cesaro time to recover, Truth dives but Cesaro catches him and powerslams him through a table.
    -Rock promo about his Royal Rumble title shot. Keep it under 10 minutes, please.
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  6. Would rather Ziggler/Cena to be honest. Punk/Cena already seems to be over.
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