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Helo, dwi'n Gymry!
Finally, Tyson Blade's segment is over and it seemed like an eternity of boredom. Fortunately, The king Of The World is about to grace us with his presence... Via the titantron. Ladies and Gentlemen by Saliva hits.

Andersen Vega pops up on the tron, sitting on the couch in his locker room with a familiar face sat next to him. Yes, the greatest interviewer in TWF history has return! The woman, The myth, the legend... Yenee Roung is back baby! Woohoo!

Yenee Roung: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest tonight. He is the WWEF Iron Man Champion, he is one third of The Monarchy and his is The King Of The World... Andersen Vega. Hey Andy, how're you doing?

Andersen Vega: Hmhmhm, I'm doing great lady! How could I not be? I'm back in professional wrestling. I'm the Iron Man Champ. I'm making more money than everyone on the damn roster combined! And now, I have my favourite woman in all of wrestling back. Damn you looking fine Yenee!

Yenee blushes but continues professionally.

Yenee Roung: Uh, yes. So Andy, with all of these familiar faces coming to Presicion...

Someone can be heard knocking on Vega's door.

Andersen Vega: Yo!

The door opens, and in walks a man who looks like Caspar's ghost had sex with a pumpkin, Jack Rogue, who is holding a cup of coffee. Jack does look severely depressed and has an almost blank look in his eyes.

Jack Rogue: Your coffee.

Andersen Vega: One teaspoon of Nescafe?

Jack Rogue: Yes.

Andersen Vega:
Three and a quarter teaspoons of sugar?

Jack Rogue: Yes.

Andersen Vega: Exactly 250 millilitres of milk?

Jack Rogue: Yes.

Andersen Vega: Stirred 30 times, no more, no less?

Jack Rogue: Yes.

Andersen Vega: Good. I don't like coffee. Bring me a Pepsi will ya?

Jack's eyes close and his face slightly scowls, obviously wanting to punch a hole in Vega's face.

Jack Rogue: Okay, I'll be right back.

Andersen Vega: Hahaha, Jack wait. Yenee, I got this coffee specially made for you, exactly how you like it.

Jack hands the coffee to Yenee, who isn't at all comfortable right now, but out of respect for the hard work that Jack went to making it, she takes the coffee.

Yenee Roung: Thank you, Jack.

Jack Rogue: Your welcome.

Andersen Vega: Okay, enough chit chat. Get my Pepsi. And don't come back until this interview is over, don't want any more interruptions. Got that?

Jack Rogue: Yes.

Andersen Vega: Good. Now piss off!

Jack Rogue: Okay. Fucking prick.

Andersen Vega: What was that?

Jack Rogue: Nothing.

Jack leaves the locker room.

Andersen Vega: Close the door behind you!

The door slams shut.

Andersen Vega: Now, where were we?

Yenee Roung: So. As I was saying. With all these familiar faces arriving at Precision, and many of them setting their sights on The Monarchy I'd expect you to be a little concerned. Is that the case?

Andersen Vega: No. I'm not worried in the slightest. Lets look at these returning heroes and then tell me what I should be worried about. Tyson Blade. The longest reigning World Heavyweight Champion in TWF history. Won it at Wrestlemania in 2015 after cashing in Gauntlet Of Champions briefcase on a man who was only three weeks into his professional wrestling career after his match was over. He defended the title for the next two PPVs. Took two months off. Came back and was hated. He goes out to that ring and says that The Monarchy is killing the business, lowering ratings and all that? All that being what he was doing only a few months ago in TWF. I, being someone who actually gives a shit about the product and who actually checks the ratings can tell you that they have never been higher because every week, fans are tuning in to Precision with the hope that they'll get to see Buster Gates get his face smashed in. That they'll get to see Ryan Blake beaten to a pulp. They tune in in the hopes that they get to see me lose my Iron Man championship. Whether anyone admits it or not, The Monarchy is the best thing to happen to this business in years. So, Tyson Blade. Full of false statements. He's past his sell by date and he's gonna get thrown in the trash if he comes face to face with me, just like he did when he went face to face with my brother Anthony Black. He lost in five minutes then, and I'll end him in three now. The Blade. The other half of "The Blade Brothers". Three foot and seven inches tall. 29 pounds. Comes here and thinks that he's the hero when the last time anyone saw him was just after he'd won the TWF United States Championship from my brother, claiming that Tony didn't deserve to hold onto that title. The Blade won that title and up and left a week later. Showing that he gave no shits about the business. The prestige of a championship... Or the fans that he claimed to love. Yeah, a real role model. So no. I'm not worried. These guys want to come back and kill another promotion? Well, I'm not going to let that happen. TWF died because of them. And if they get in the ring with me, then I'll kill their careers the same way... I'm not worried.

Yenee Roung: What about The Scat? Are you worried about him?

At the mention of Scat's name, Vega's face scowls and his eyes begin to burn with fire.

Andersen Vega: The Scat... Am I worried about the man who ended my career? Who dug up my mother's grave and burned the coffin? Who sexually assaulted my sister? Am I worried about him? No, I'm not. The Scat put me through hell. I'm not a forgiving person. And even if I was a forgiving person, his actions are unforgivable. You'd have thought that the second he stepped foot in Precision that I'd go right after him. And trust me. It took every fibre of my being to hold my self back from committing that murder but I did it. I didn't bite. It was my relentless attacks that got my family and I into that mess. That won't happen again. I'm not going to risk my family's safety again... I'll be willing to stay away. But if anyone is stupid enough to put him and I in the same ring... Then I'm going to kill him. Slowly.

Yenee Roung: Thank you for your time Andy.

Vega nods at Yenee.

Andersen Vega: You're always welcome.

Yenee and the camera crew leaves Vega's locker room and Jack walks in with a Pepsi in hand, seemingly hearing everything that Vega just said. Jack doesn't say a word as he hands Vega his Pepsi.

Andersen Vega: Cheers...

The silence in the room is deafening as the show cuts to a commercial break.


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