You're COO.

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  1. You're COO of the company, Vince has given you FULL CONTROL of both RAW and SmackDown but I want to focus on SmackDown.

    Who would you draft to SmackDown?
    What changes would you make to the brand?
    What championship changes?

    Everything. Post what you'd do.
  2. If I had complete control of SmackDown, (and the network), I would make it Live again first off...

    Second, I would draft Cena and Sheamus in exchange for Orton and Rhodes.

    Next, I would make it a "superstars choice" show, where the superstars would chose what type of match and stipulation they want.

    Next, I would book more tag matches to slowly bring back the tag division and title prestige. I would also make change up the match style for each tag match.

    Next, I would let all the smaller, non breakout stars, do a little promo, then go against the major assets of the company.

    Next, I would higher the prestiges of the smaller championships by having them defended often, while building PPV hype for the WHC as well.

    Next, I would have one legend guest apperance vs jobber match oer night, and occasionally, te current WWE superstar would win.

    That's what I would do as COO or GM of Smackdown​
  3. Some interesting choices there.
  4. Good intersting? I actually put a lot of thought into what I said lol. I think all of those choices would be popular with the IWC.
  5. Good one. IWC would also love that, I'd do the same.

    Disagree. Cena is the biggest draw, he needs to be on the "A Show" aka RAW.

    Disagree, I prefer GM's taking control as it gives more room for potential story-lines.

    Agree. I would create more gimmick tag-teams and gimmick tag-team matches to help establish it. Would also drop a few previous main eventers into the division. Have the tag-team matches sometimes main event SmackDown for the tag-team titles (on the line).

    Agree in some form. I'd give the younger ones more time to speak on the mic as it gives them room to build a personality, I wouldn't put them against the "major assets" as I'd rebuild the mid-card.

    Agreed, I'd have the IC title as the main-event feature on SmackDown. If the 2 main titles weren't united, then the IC title would be defended twice a month in the main event of SmackDown to rebuild that prestige. If they were united, IE, just one WWE Champion and no WHC. Then I'd make IC title the permanent ME spot of SmackDown and not have it defended on the show.

    Disagree, not enough legends to go around, it would be predictable and those sort of put-overs need to be special to PPV's.

    There's my full feedback :emoji_slight_smile:
  6. like the above ideas! id fire the useless divas an make smackdown dominant in the diva division probs bring back mickie james an gail kim too!
  7. Starting off, I'd draft The Miz over to Smackdown. Miz is a great talent and is a Main Eventer. I'd also bring over Dolph Ziggler, hopefully he's ready for a World Title Shot because that's where he's heading. The final choice I'd bring in is Rey Mysterio. He can feud with Cara for a while before retiring. I'd move Orton, Big Show and Barrett, I think that at least 2 of them could be a big player on Raw.

    I'd focus the brand all on wrestling. You have Bryan, Ziggler, Rhodes,Christian Miz, Mysterio, Sheamus. All solid Main Event workers. Smackdown would be the opposite of Raw.

    I'd try and make the Tag Matches and Diva's matches feel important. I'd create a few make-shift teams and give them a chance.

    I'd keep have Orton win at Mania and win at Extreme Rules against Bryan. On a Smackdown, Ziggler would win the Title from a moving Orton. Ziggler would then feud with a face Bryan.

    The IC Championship, I'd have Rhodes retain it till March. Then I'd have him drop it to the returning Sin Cara at Mania, in a short match, similar to when Rey won the Title at Mania 25.

    As far as feuds, I'd have Miz feud with Sheamus where the blow off would be that the winner would get a Title Shot.

    Like I mentioned before, I'd have Cara and Rey feud over the IC Championship, putting Cara and the Title over.

    Bryan vs Ziggler for the Title. Bryan wants to regain his Championship and they can put on amazing matches.

    Epico and Primo vs The Uso's, this writes itself imo.

    I'd have a few midcard feuds with Alex Riley vs Tyson Kidd and I'd put Drew in a storyline.
  8. Really good post. Agreed with everything, though I wouldn't make Big Show go on RAW. I'd use him (as an old timer) to help put over more SmackDown talent like Miz, Ziggler and Rhodes. Big Show can't be anywhere near the RAW main event. He makes everyone around him look bad in my opinion.

    Also, I'd give Sheamus a gimmick instead of the pale John Cena gimmick he has now.

    Other than that, that's a really good post :emoji_slight_smile: