You're going to war, which user is on your team?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by CM Punk, Sep 6, 2014.

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  1. Pretty much the title. Only rule is you can only choose 5 other users and that's it.
  2. Bill Clinton
    The blacks
    Not you
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  3. seabs: So he can serve everyone some sense
    Stop: So he can ignore everyone and live till the end
    Aids: So he can infect and kill everyone
    Jono: So he can close the war
    GrammarNazi: So she can gas the enemies with correct grammar.
  4. Just Kevin
    CM Punk
    Senhor Perfect
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  5. Senhor because no one hits Canadians
    Dat Kid for decoy uses
    Crayo for he could throw pasties and soccer balls
    Xanth because we just need someone who is useful
    Shadow for I can sleep with his sister
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  6. Gav the chav don't need a team gavs hard as fuck And Will crush every single one of your teams
  7. @seabs the international violence party needs a reunion tour.
    @Muuuftah too stubborn to die
    @Shadow is a lover, not a fighter

    Don't think I need more
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  8. And this is where I tell you that you were the first to die in this war.
  9. He's ready for war I'm ready for war. I got machetes and swords for any faggot that say he is raw. My uzis as heavy as yours, yea you met me before. I just didn't have as large an arsenal of weapons before.
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  10. @Tgmiveld - Powerhouse, can kill lads with or without weaponry.
    @Bill Clinton - Tactician, knows how to play the political game too.
    Nero - Intel, won't mind getting his hands dirty to get the necessery info and get the details on rival armies.
    @Dat Kid - Propaganda Minister, lad knows what to say and how to say it. see: e-fed promoing.
    @Senhor Perfect - Veteran, Need a lad with bags of experience in an army!
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  11. @Majour - She can carry me away when guns are firing.
    @Tsar - Our Decoy, just incase we need to be like "Oh well, there's a guard outside. Go distract them"
    @Just Kevin - His like the hulk of it all, he just destroys everyone.

    That's it for me.

    I want to add more then five so i just left it at three because.. I'll chuck a tantrum!
  12. Definitely not any UKfags. lol pussies
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  13. I want to say I could use my own brilliant strategic planning to bring down the enemy single-handily, but when I think about it, all the Eurofags who post on this site would certainly make for good bait and cover-fire. So I'd scoop all of them up and bring them with me just for that purpose.

  14. Nobody picks up the actual military veteran huh? :okay:
  15. I'll choose me and my many clones...

    Oh and Oval as bait...
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  17. This same question is asked in one form or another every couple of months just so the OP can get a stroke out of it if his name is mentioned.

    @Wacokid27 , @Lockard23 , @Nero_x3 , Deth and @seabs . It is those same 5 cats each and every time.

    A nod to the OP for the compelling spin on an otherwise obvious question.
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  18. Forgot about Nero, he could be the kamikaze pilot.
  19. Shadow, Stopspot, D'Z, Senhor and Leo C. It's like the A Team with a Brazilian (not the one on Mr T's head)
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  20. Made this thread for activity. Could care less if people don't mention my name because I'm only tight with a few people on here.
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