You're In A Fight, What Wrestling Move Do You Use?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roi, Feb 22, 2013.

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  1. If I'm capable ... I would hit a huge DDT .
    Actually beat down (friendly way) a friend of mine with wrestling moves (he had been boxing for one year).
  2. hmmm...

    I would use a spear.

    Others I would use are:

    - Knockout Punch
    - Kimura Lock
    - Triangle Choke
    These or both Wrestling/MMA

    Uhhh, actual professional wrestling moves:

    The Deadly Attitude Adjustment.
    Who other than The Rock and CM Punk have won after that being used? Exactly.
  4. I would use the ankle lock if I had the chance as that's one of the only pro wrestling moves you could do in an actual fight if you had the opportunity. Besides that I might use some of Punks kicks if I had the distance and was able to kick to their height.
  5. Stunner, that shit would fucking hurt if you did it in that kind of instance. Easily get them in a headlock then hop down, dislocate the dude's head ahah.

    Friendly fight I would just do an AA lol
  6. Hells gate submission is fucking good too.

  7. Also called gogoplata
  8. When I was on martial arts. I won the bulk of my matches with the chicken wing crossface
  9. @Stopspot what is that move where SCSA would jump someone and punch their face on the ground? Lou Thez press?
  10. I'd love to be able to use the Frankensteiner and spinning heel kick that I've seen AJ use. I've always loved the Spear so I'd love to use that one too.
  11. The standard headlock is most effective for me.
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  12. This ^ :obama:
  13. Realistically? The headlock followed with some type of hip-drag to the floor, where you hit them with effective ground and pound. All of those drastically reduce the chances of you getting hit and they're relatively easy to do and gives you complete control of the situation.

    Otherwise, I like the "cheap shot" tactic. It's not hard to judge a scenario and foresee yourself getting hit. Some people like to fight for the social side of it, and don't care about reason. Quite a few times I have been in a scenario where some chav (or wannabe gangster to Americans) has wanted to fight me for the sake of it. In this instance, as soon as I think they're going to attack me, I punch them directly in the nose. It baffles them and ruins their vision, where I then use my headlock tactic or I continue punching them directly in the face. Yes it's a pussy move, but I go home fine and they tend to have a broken nose or something that makes them think twice going after you again.

    As always though, defuse the situation with words before any violence is necessary.

    Edit: Makes me seem like some sort of wannabe badass. Trust me, I have come off worse quite a few times, but they seriously do not come after you again if you show that you can pack a punch.
  14. I really don't know. I've never been in a fight but I'm more than prepared for it physically and mentally. I'd most likely lock the arms in position above their head, with my arms passing under the armpit and around the back of the head. (I'm behind them of course)
  15. Also, I feel like saying that I'd have no problem running if I know I'll get my ass kicked. I'm not going to choose to get beaten down, I'd rather escape with my face intact. Really don't care if that person thinks I'm weak.
  16. Eye gouging :laugh:
  17. Yea, good luck with that. Anyone who wants to come at me with pro wrestling moves be my guest.
  18. I wasn't joking. That cross face was a game ender
  19. It's also a ground based submission. Good luck getting me off my feet bro. I have a wicked sprawl.
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