[YouTube + DailyMotion 720P!] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jonathan, Jul 5, 2012.

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  2. [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

  3. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

  4. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    I can't watch it. :upset:
  5. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    y not :upset:
  6. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    Remember that great Internet connection I have here? So. It's enough to load a Youtube video. But I have a limit in information transfering, which is 5 GB, and watching videos on Youtube makes me get to that limit very quickly, and when I do, my Internet speed drops drastically. It makes me envy the connection I have right now, which is saying something. :downer:
  7. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    thats annoying >:O you should switch to 240p if you ever do need to watch a yt video :emoji_slight_smile: to save bandwidth
  8. [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    240p will only use like, 200MB lol.
  9. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    I like it. I think the bandwith will be reset in July 10th, but I think I'd better limit myself a little. Plus, I believe NXT is on TV here.
  10. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    116 according to youtube downloader :yay:
  11. RE: [YouTube HD] NXT 720P HD [07/04//2012]

    There you go then. :jeritroll:


    DailyMotion now added in 720p HD!
  12. Own you Jonathan!
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  14. He probably meant that you own, I suppose it's a compliment.
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