Youtube is being... Dumb

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by catlady, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. I have been trying to upload videos to youtube form my computer since yesterday and its still not doing it! It just says starting upload and never gets past 0%. I am doing it the way I always do it... What the heck is going on!?
  2. Youtube doesn't want any more 5 minute videos about your cats.:pity1:
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  3. Tried a different browser?
  4. Compress your video?
  5. Upload your pussy videos on Youjizz
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  6. As they said, try another browser. I use Safari and it works fine.
  7. Damn,I wish Youjizz would load on my Xbox.:downer:
  8. My videos never had issues uploading is the thing. I always used firefox. But I did get a new computer so could that effect it?
  9. +1, or pornhub
  10. Use a PC then...
  11. I don't think so. Try to upload it with Chrome
  12. Using a new computer isn't going to affect it. Ensure you have the latest version of your browser, Java and Flash.

    How big is the video? What format is the video? How long is the video?

  13. [​IMG]
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  14. They are just wrestling videos from my husband and his friends. I upload them every month. The format has always been MP4 and never had a problem with that. I am almost certain Java is up to date
  15. Go to and run the checker.

    Also, adobe flash:
  16. Damn public school learnings. I ain't been taught crap! :woo1:
    I am downloading Adobe.. I think this may have been the issue. lol
  17. Or send it to my Skype
  18. Still doesn't seem to be working! :angry: :upset: :why:
  19. If you've tried it in a different browser and it still isn't working, then the problem might be on their end. Give it a couple of days (if you can) and if the problem is still happening post a thread in the YouTube Google Groups.

    Also, run a speed test and see if your upload speed is really low as it could also be a problem with your internet provider.
  20. Yeah I tried different browsers, updating stuff, uploading through movie maker... Nothing is working. I am guess it is them since it was fine a few weeks ago.
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