[YouTube] WWE RAW July 16th 2012

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Jul 16, 2012.

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  2. RE: [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    Already? :dawg:

    Can't stop looking at your sig by the way.
  3. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    Make the thread when you have something to upload lol.
  4. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    You uploading it live?
  5. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12


    next time make it when you got yours up.
  6. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    Man I can't believe it.
    My phone battery died and didn't wake me up!

    Uploading 720p right now.
  7. RE: [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    i know how you feel :true:
  8. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    720p HD in parts is now uploaded and available to watch!

    Single video will be available soon!
  9. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

  10. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    damn. wwe blocked most of the parts in US only. gonna get a low amount of views now. hope it won't happen next week. :((
  11. RE: [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    All of mine available worldwide :boss1:
  12. RE: [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    it's not popular yet. more views = blocked us only
  13. [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    Full show single link now available!

    Enjoy the full show in 720p! :boss1:


    Got matched 3rd party content. Pretty much no chance of being removed now.
  14. RE: [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12

    all my videos gets 3rd party content. later on they block it for US only if it's too popular. I prepared myself and made 2 full shows in case this happened. one is blocked for US and another is available. :otunga:
  15. RE: [YouTube] WWE RAW 16/7/12


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