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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Sep 19, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]
    Directly from the WWE twitter machine. 22nd of September is the date of the next RAW.

    what/who could it be? Or is it just another red herring?
  2. NXT thing?
  3. Probably some NXT stuff. I'd love to see more NXT on Raw.
  4. Steen, Devitt, Zayn, Neville and KENTA? New faction?
  5. Roadie is RAW. #TNG
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  6. That sounds like an awful faction to be honest
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  7. Obviously something referencing NXT.
  8. word son. I figured as much
  9. Zack Ryder main event push!!1 :woo:
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  10. lmfao in your dreams bro
  11. Fair enough. Just with an article and interview with them all on SEScoops thought it may be a possibility.
  12. inb4 something really shit happens.

    But in all seriousness, some NXT stuff or a new main roster faction would be great. I need to see Ryder get his big push!
  13. I'd say that it most likely has to do with WWE2K15, probably a trailer showcasing the career mode.

    It'd be cool and all if there was a new Nexus of sorts, but I'd much rather each guy debut separately. Especially Zayn, I don't want to see him as a heel just starting out.
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  14. Ascension getting called up and beating an open invitation from Goldust/Stardust.. thus creating the final friction between the two brothers and having the feud some of us have been waiting for between Goldy and Cody.
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  15. that would be so anticlimactic ;(
  16. I like this idea, but I'd rather have NXT stars come compete against WWE stars.
  17. That'll prlly happen, except it will be like Neville, Zayn, Breeze all ready to come up as well.. and then they kinda gotta do something with that NXT belt Neville holds.
  18. But the two are involved in a heel turn and are probably set to win the Tag Titles from The Usos on Sunday... They shouldn't be breaking up anytime soon. The direction they're probably heading in is The Dust Bros keeping the straps until The Ascension debuts as a babyface team next year and and beats them for the straps at Wrestemania.
  19. WWE Network for only 9.98!
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  20. I don't have high hopes for this. I love NXT and the competitor's involved, but honestly WWE hasn't put on a great surprise return/debut since 2012. Instead of hinting at a return/debut (Which I think it is) why not keep it sealed? They spout some shit, and then all of a sudden any excitement you have when the event occurs is drained out because you already know it's going down. If Sting and/or WWE never spoke about his video game stuff, and the trailer played, how much more awesome would that have been?

    Oh well, WWE has lost the art of shock value in returns/debuts. I'm not really sensing sunny days for WWE in the near future.
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