You've won the lottery

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Jonathan, Oct 12, 2012.

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  1. You've won £100m ($160m) on the lottery.

    What do you buy?


    I'd buy:
    This mansion:
    This car:

    That's it :emoji_slight_smile:)

  2. I would donate

    £20,000,000 to various charities, Buy the rugby league team I support (Salford City Reds) & retire somewhere.
  3. I would donate as well. 160 million.... I'd prob donate a good 50 mil of it. Then I'd buy my own farm and have a animal shelter on it. I'd like to be able to grow my own veggies & fruit, have fresh milk and raw butter and all that. Just live off the land.
  4. That house is disgustingly nice.
  5. Spent an hour down me nannas looking at mansions in america :dawg:
  6. id leave enough money for my parents to retire, donate some, and keep the rest for shit
  7. I would give a lot of it to my parents. I would move into a nicer apartment and buy a nicer car, nothing too over the top for either.

    I would continue going through school and still strive to become a member of the sports media.

    what I wouldn't do? donate to charity. not my style
  8. I'd get a decent home and records, lots of records... :ryan:
  9. Like guinness book of world records?
  10. 160 million.. first you're taxed 10% by the government, so down to 144 million. Oh then yo u get taxed by your state which brings you to 130.4 million. With that money i would evenly distribute it to everyone in my family and live happily ever after.
  11. Don't get taxed in the UK :dawg:
  12. God save the queen.
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  13. i'd wipe my shit with the $100 bills.
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  14. Nice to know :eww:
  15. LOl lucky :obama:
  16. I'd probably put it in the bank so I receive a little bit more per month.
  17. I'd probably buy a decent house and a good car.
    I would probably have enough to invest in my own business.


    I live in Canada so barely no tax cuts. :dawg:
  18. Speaking of Canada. What is the story with that Amanda Todd girl that was bullied up there and committed suicide. Create a thread for it if you know.
  19. Yeah, I was watching it on the news. Although I live in Ontario I know about it.
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