YT/Dailymotion videos refuse to play now

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Rysenberg, Jan 30, 2013.

  1. They were working fine up until the last segment of Raw yesterday which I watch on Dailymotion, where it just refused to play, it was playing 2 seconds then stopping again. Since then Youtube has done the exact same thing - takes forever to load a video. I've tried restarting the router/moving it around and it's just as bad. It's weird because the Internet is working fine aside from that and before I was able to play videos on 1080p easily, now not even 240p is manageable. Anyone know what might be up with it?
  2. From first impressions it seems like an internet issue. I've had something similar where sites seemed to load fine but stressful things like videos, streaming, downloading or uploading wouldn't. Are you using wired or wireless internet?

    If that's not it, what browser are you using? It's worth testing other browsers to be sure.
  3. Wireless and I'm using Chrome.
  4. What's your signal like?

  5. Completely full :obama:
  6. Damn that's weird then, no idea. Did you try other browsers?
  7. I've installed Opera so I'll give that a wee go.
  8. Same thing happening. Fuck this stupid world.
  9. It's the work of Satan.
  10. Could try a good old cache clean out. But that won't explain why it sucks on Opera as well.
  11. I'll do that just in cache it does work :sad:
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  12. Very punny.
  13. So glad you noticed that :yay:
  14. This applies to you Ryan:

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  15. Lmao what an epic gif.
  16. It's not a gif



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