YT "Prank" Videos

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 1, 2014.

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  1. Why do so many dipshits do this lol

    It is always something retarded...

    ::emoji_grin:ude has hammer and nut:: "Hey bro wanna help me bust a nut???"

    Bro: WTF YOU SAY!?!?!
    Dude: Wanna help me bust a nut?!
    Bro: I'ma beat your ass!

    At least be clever about it ffs. Or a dude walks by a bunch of black people like "Can I get a nigga??" then when they react he's like I SAID NICKEL! I SAID NICKEL! ITS A PRANK!

    I love when the dudes beat the fuck out of the "pranker". Even better when they yell out their "safe word" (ITS A PRANK! ITS A PRANK! STOP!) but they don't give a shit and keep hitting them lol.
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  2. I can't stand watching those videos, they do nothing but contribute to the dumbing down of the world that is currently taking place.

    I swear every time I see this movie I feel like I'm looking through a mirror into the future.

  3. Yea, fuck these clowns lol. I would beat the fuck out of them for half of this shit too.

    Watching one now they roll up on complete strangers and grab their phone out of their hand.... premise being they "want to check the time"

    wtf? Who wouldn't react violently to a stranger randomly snatching your phone from you? fuck that shit
  4. I just like seeing the retards get punched in the face, even though it is ultimately the reaction they wanted.

    seriously though, it should be illegal to go around provoking people and recording it to post on the internet. They know what they are trying to provoke
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  5. hey message me
  6. Prank vs Prank is pretty hilarious, but it's hit or miss.
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  7. I'VE seen that LMAO
  8. unless it involves shitheads getting punched in the mouth count me out.
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  9. Those are pranks.

    Sexually assaulting someone or stealing something isn't. It's one of the worst things on YT (of the many, hi Smosh).
  11. God, even their faces make me want to punch someone.
  12. I'd bet a paycheck the girls they sleep with MIGHT be 18. Possibly, certainly not probably.
  13. They cant get a job like normal human beings lol
  14. Pranks are sketchy if you don't know the people you're pulling them on.
  15. Especially when most of these "pranks" aren't pranks at all, but just saying shit attempting to get a rise out of them. It isn't even sketchy, they just want them to react as aggressively as possible.
  16. I hope they get offed.
  17. What would you consider a good prank?
    I know the one you hate is this:

    Show Spoiler
  18. If you're going to be a douche, at least try to be funny.

  19. You don't prank strangers in public. It isn't even a prank, more harassment. Hey CM Punk, do you want to kiss my ass?

    You are calling this guy funny? no
  20. Weird. Just yesterday I watched a ton of those pranks (the exact ones you mentioned too) where they go into the hood and shit. I mark so much when they get the fuck kicked out of them. Hats off to them for being brave enough though. One of the videos ended when this black guy attacked him and they caught him taking out a knife.
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