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  1. So, want share one of the two music videos that I've made for a while ago.
    (Those of you who don't know, I make videos too, not just graphics, but I'm most known for making graphics.)

    The Redemption of the Viper - Made in 2 feb, 2012

    The Demons of the Viper - Made in 29 jan, 2010

    The quality / the audio being disabled by Youtube so, there is a link to download the video. Z.T.O - Demon's of a Viper.

    Programs used for my videos : Adobe Premiere Pro , Adobe After Effects CS4 / CS5

    My Graphic's

    Feedback would be appreciated,


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  2. Did you make the music too?
  3. No.
    The name of the songs are :
    1. Demon's - Brian McFadden.
    2. All saints day - The Silent Comedy.
  4. Fucking awesome. I've watched that second one before, which is weird as hell.
  5. Really? haha, Thanks for the kind words mate, appreciate it.

  6. Do you still do these?
  7. Not really but, I'll editing anytime soon.

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