Z! True Long Island Story #65

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 4, 2012.

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  1. Dolph's won't like this episode.

    I lol'd at the Big O green comment.
  2. The Internite title?

  3. God I love the big O.

    Ryder vs Ziggler for Mania? Could be entertaining. Ziggler sells and wrestles like a pro and Ryder ain't bad and has until mania to get better if WWE actually does this.
  4. Yeah I'm not sure if it's official or not to be honest.
  5. I think it is.

  6. I'm surprised Dolph would accept it. Sure they're both friends, but Dolph is destined to main-event a PPV, not be in some midcard feud.
  7. Dolph and Ryder are reportedly best friends along with Baretta and Hawkins. It's like a new cliq only two of the guys have actually main evented pay per views.
  8. Yeah I know they're close, but I'm still shocked. No offence to Ryder at all, I just think it's holding Ziggles back personally.
  9. What they did wrong with both Ryder US title reign and Dolphs jump into the ME is that they dropped the Ryder v Ziggler angle to quickly. Dolph jumped straight into the main event and Ryder was left without anyone to solidify his US title reign with. Had Dolph and Ryder continued their feud it could have legitimised Ryders reign, made Dolph out as a quality heel and then they could have written a natural point for Dolph to fall into the Main event and have solidified Ryder as the face of what could have been the start of a solid mid card. Instead Ryder was fed to Kane because he had no story going into 2012 and Dolph was fed to Brodus for the same reason. Imagine if these guys could have kept the feud going into WM? Ryder finally beating Dolph at WM after a 30+ min match would have solidified him and showed that Dolph is ready for the big boys.

    This match at WM 29 has a very large possibility of being legit since WWE has to green light the content of Zacks show now. They wouldn't have green lighted that segment if they didn't think "Yeah we can work with this in some way." This could be the start of both Ryder and Dolph's second rises.
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