Z! True Long Island Story #72. Big-O and Ryback are broskis?

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  2. lol @ Ryder saying that this episode wasnt that good. I wish wwe would admit that about their shows
  3. Ryder must have supernatural powers. Being able to communicate with the late John Morrison.
  4. Zack Ryder desperately needs a push up to the US itle scene again.
  5. Ryback's head is huge.
  6. All of Ryback is huge. :burns:
  7. NAH DUDE.. you know what steroids do right?


  8. Must be all that steak and chicken breast.
  9. And not chowing down at Panera bread.
  10. Bakedpotato and brocc cheese soup > than you. Panera is delicious.
  11. LOL Aids. Is a joke on Rybacks behalf. Ryback is the roadwife of Daniel Bryan and Cody Rhodes. In a interview D-bry told the tale of when they convinced him to go to Panera Bread with them. Ryback was confused by the menu since he couldn't find the meat dishes. Took him 15 minutes to order a dish.
  12. There's nothing I can eat here! :ryback:
  13. you can eat me :gusta:
  14. Ryback. Eating out chicks since 2012. FEED ME THREE! :ryback:
  15. Big O needs to be signed already.
  16. @ColeMiner no Ryder dosent need a title he just needs to get some wins up
  17. I thought you meant this Big O [​IMG]

    It's cool to see others getting along with Ryback
  18. "you've got some really nice legs."

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