Z! True Long Island Story - Episode #53 (One Year Anniversary)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CM Punk, Feb 17, 2012.

  2. Watched it, pretty good episode finally after weeks of lame pointless ones....
  3. One of the best ones so far. Ziggler cuts amazing promos in these, Stanford's rap was GOLD and the ending was hilarious lmao.
  4. Makes me wonder why WWE won't take the shackles off of Dolph and let him cut some promos like this
  5. I also liked the special appearance by JoMo.
    Makes me miss him a little.
  6. I was never his biggest fan, but I'll be honest, I'm going to be hyped when he shows up in the Impact Zone to feud with Ausin Aries in the X division
  7. He's not under any shackles, his content is identical on ZTLIS as it is on RAW, he just has more emotion in ZTLIS. But he's improving a lot.

    Was never a fan either, but he's not going to TNA. He left WWE to heal up, practise and it was all peaceful. He'll be back in WWE.
  8. Pure speculation on your part
  9. More like the other way around...

    How can you say you wish he cut promos like this in WWE, but can't due to shackles, when the content is the EXACT same? It's Ziggler talking about how good he is and he steals the shows bla bla, he does that every week, it's his gimmick. If there's shackles in WWE that means in ZTLIS there is too? Right? You know, because it's IDENTICAL?

    If that's too complicated, since I've got nothing to do I'll post an example:

    Scenario A (Promo live on WWE RAW): "I'm the best performer in this company, how is it showing off when I back it up every damn week in the ring"

    Scenario B (ZTLIS Promo): ""I'm the best performer in this company, how is it showing off when I back it up every damn week in the ring""

    Dolph's Ziggler: "Omg, he's so much better in scenario B. I wish WWE took the shackles off of him in scenario A".

    Do you get my point now?
    He just cuts better promos off air. He's the same with backstage promos on wwe.com.
  10. 'I've never been WWE Champion. It must be because I don't make enough mean faces, I don't slap hands, I haven't wrestled for 20 years, because it sure as hell doesn't look it. You want an EC ME match?? Stick me in the ring with 5 brooms, book it. My competitions a motley crew but I am poison to PHONY HALF ASS MONOTONE CATCH PHRASE MONKEYS, WHO'VE NEVER ACTUALLY BEEN IN A REAL FIGHT. you wanna call yourself the best? Step in the ring with me and try to steal the show every damn night.'

    None of this is anywhere near the content he is allowed to use on Raw until the very end of what I posted, which is closer to what he's allowed to say.

    idk what promos you are watching him cut on TV but can I get a link? I must've missed them
  11. Apart from the breaking kayfabe part, none of that is different from what he even said to Foley. Are you telling me you want Dolph to turn into CM Punk? Thinking about it, that could be awesome if it wasn't already used so recently, Dolph could play that so well.

    Most ZTLIS promos consist of "Zack's bad, RAW's bad, Dolph's amazing". Not much different from RAW. I love it though don't get me wrong, he reminds me of Rock the way he can think on his feet and link in with other sentences. Answer me this, WHEN'S HE GOING TO DITCH VICKIE?
  12. You cherry picked the Foley promo, how convenient, because it's the one time (or one of the only times) he actually has been allowed to go all out in a promo

    as far as Vickie, I've been begging for him to dump that bitch for as long as I can remember. Give her to someone who needs her ffs. Dolph clearly doesn't. Even though it is hilarious when he defends her. 'She looks like a million bucks right now', ect
  13. Most mic segments he gets it's similar to the foley promo, but he just performed that so darn well I thought I'd use his best one to project my point... It's one of my favourite promos of the year thus far. Stop speculating what he is and isn't allowed to say. His content is very similar in most segments, and that's not a bad thing.

    Agreed on Vickie point, he doesn't need to publicly dump her either. Just ween her out, have her concentrate on Swagger (if he actually appears for once) and let him blossom on his own. He used to never get heat once the mic was passed from Vickie to Dolph, but since he's been cutting more promos, he gets quite a lot himself.
  14. Don't tell me to stop speculating when you are doing the same thing. It's well documented that Vince and the creative team are overbearing so for anyone to say with any certainty what guys are and aren't allowed to do is just ignorant.
  15. ok so when is it getting cancel?
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