Z! True Long Island Story Returning?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by CM Punk, Apr 21, 2013.

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  1. Also, it's on his channel, not WWEFanNation.
  2. Meh, didn't watch it before, if it returns don't think I'll be watching.
  3. Didn't watch back then . But I know it's important for Ryder
  4. Btw heel turn ? :lol:
  5. I loved Z! Long Island Story! I'd be thrilled to see it return. Most of the episodes were very entertaining.
  6. OOOOOOOOOH RADIO!!! But in all seriousness, my body is ready for a Zack Ryder heel turn :emoji_grin:
  7. Ryder's last attempt of garnering some attention because he is on the verge of getting fired. He should have been pushed at mania since it was in his area, really sucks that he wasn't. He already sells merchandise, shame really.
  8. I never watched his YouTube show so I can't really say anything about that. To me it seems like he's hinting a heel turn since he threw all of his merchandise and such. The best thing for Ryder right now might as well be a heel turn. I'm sick of seeing him job on Main Event.
  9. Looks like this could mean a potential Heel Turn. But then, What would they do with him if he turns? Still get squashed? Or go into contendership for some of the midcard titles?
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  10. It honestly could, but if he was going after a mid-card title, and actually won it, that could completely kill all of his heel heat that he has a very little chance of getting. Just remember last time he won a mid-card title, that basically ended his push.
  11. I'm just praying for any kind of Ryder push. I really like the dude and hope they don't fire him. Dude got over completely by himself with the usage of social networking. That's smart and worth keeping someone as such.
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  12. I completely agree. He's a self-made Superstar and has a tremendous following on Twitter. He gets such a huge pop every time he's out in the ring or they show him backstage during Raw or Smackdown. I think the WWE is ridiculous for not pushing him more and I hope things start to change for him.
  13. Cool I guess. You know to be honest I'm not really a big Zack Ryder fan. I mean he's OK I suppose.
  14. Or maybe it's all part of the gimmick. :hmm: I kind of got suspicious when he made his new ring gear that said "Push Me". I would assume all ring gear is approved before letting it be public. And if he was getting fired, I figured he wouldn't have new ring gear.
  15. I think you've made a very valid point.
  16. This really doesn't seem like the "return" of the show, if anything, it teases a heel turn for Ryder... But I feel that there are some more suitable wrestlers that need a push that should turn heel and would fit better in a heel role (i.e Alex Riley), Ryder is still really young, he should give it some time before he gets the next big push which should be as a face.
  17. Notice that this is on HIS YT channel, which means WWE had little or nothing to do with it. So I don't think this will effect him much.
  18. Ryder is attempting to get back in the spotlight. He even uploaded it on his own channel. Obviously means that Ryder is butthurt.
  19. The guy is seriously a bad heel though. It won't work. He's too loveable to become a heel, but he's trying to get attention, and I admire that. Good for him for not actually wanting to be fired.

    They won't fire him anyway though. Ryder sells a lot of merchandise, and has far too large a fan base for WWE to risk him going to TNA.
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