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  1. I'm not sure if i already made a thread for him, but I figured "fuck it, it can't be worse than a Christian or Brita LR thread, why not?"

    Easily one of the funniest dudes on youtube. No script, no random bs nonsense, dude is on point 24/7 eleven. Thanks to Schmoyoho for this business, so glad I found his page.
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  2. Schmoyoho

    @DK James @Nickelodeon @Frankthejock? Couldnt find his username. He's a buffalo fan, he can't be too far away. Find Zach Anner and complete my life. Dude is absolutely fucking hilarious, watched most of his vids over the last 2 months and love/laugh at every one. Dude is 100% hilarious with his random banter.
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  3. Is dude mentally handicapped?
  4. Cerebral palsy. Doesnt make him any less hilarious. The latest workout Wednesday with the tennis skort was so fucking awesome.
  5. Watch two of his vids and tell me he doesnt crack you up something fierce. The one's i posted are my favorite but all of them are seriously awesome.
  6. Figured as much. Always great to see anybody living life to the top of the glass
  7. The fact he has CP, makes it slightly less funny actually. Less funny but not necessarily unfunny.
  8. Why dude can't be hilarious because he has a disorder? He is awesome as hell, if you are looking for a pity party for CP people look elsewhere, he isnt cashing in on his deal, so what makes him any different from you or I?

    Dat Kid would kill for his views.

  9. LMFAO how is this not amazing, dude isnt being exploited. Zach Anner is top 5 funniest dudes on youtube, easily.
  10. I'm gonna keep whoring this as I go.

    "flour and sugar, building blocks of life."
  11. I love Zach.. his videos are hilarious... and he is extremely intelligent in his humor and in his business practices.

    The CP did not affect his intellectual abilities as it does a lot of other people with CP.. with him it hit him hardest in motor skills which limits function but is not 100% debilitating.

    Watch him work with Oprah.. absolute brilliance...
  12. LMFAO
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  13. This guy needs his own TV show. I would totes watch every week.

    Aids would just torrent it but what ever.
  14. LMFAO GP-ass.
  15. I'd throw money as this mafk like it were stripper cash.
  16. He had his own show called "Rollin' With Zach" on the Oprah Winfrey Network back in 2011.. it ran 6 episodes and then was cancelled.

    I've been trying to find full episodes a while but the only remnants of the show I can find are on OWN's Youtube channel.

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  17. "Those are also on a place called Television, which I believe is a place in Israel."
    That isnt even his best one liner, not even close.

    Nice job Kevin, he was meant for youtube stardom, too many people see him as disabled and waste time with pity instead of realizing he is a person who is talented as hell.
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  18. Interesting fact... "Let the Boy".. the theme for Rollin' With Zach was written and performed by John Mayer for Zach and they have since became very good friends.

    Just thought I'd throw that out there for absolutely no reason lol
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  19. Probably because Zach is hilarious as hell and talented. The last video I posted is easily top 5 funniest youtube vids i've ever seen.
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  20. lmfao the beginning of greatness. how @Crayo leads his gym for plus sized princesses.
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