Zach vs the World: Fifa Edition

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Oct 8, 2012.

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  1. Play me in FIfa, faggots.

    GT: Totaiitarianism

    10/8/12 - Crayo - Lost 12-0
  2. Fifa jobber..
  3. Can I play you again?
  4. Seeing as my Xbox is having connection issues again, no.
  5. ''Connection issue''

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  6. Okay, let me know when you can boss.
  7. Crrayo can you teach me how to be good at Fifa
  8. Can't be taunt..

    Just experience and skill. Practice, Practice, Practice and Practice...
  9. Can't be taunt?
  10. Just practice Zach, you'll get better.
  11. It's just experience, nothing else. Played Fifa since 1999 I think.

    Also, following Fifa Youtuber's might help. One day like 4 years ago I got skilled by some guy, I was just a passer, but he kept using skills. So I Youtube'd skills and practised them and now I can proudly say I know everyone off by heart and the names and can now call myself a skill-passer type player.

    Play it daily and you'll get better, though I honestly say career mode is what made me better more than anything else, those bots are hard.
  12. Weird, I find that career mode makes me worse at the game especially with regards to defending. You have to play completely different against a bot than you do against a real person.

    Thought I guess the skills are easier to learn that way.
  13. It does eventually yeah. I didn't play competitively for ages, but if you play career mode first and get into it and move up the difficulties, it's much easier to prepare I think as you know the basics of defending (the main skill) and actually passing.

    Now if I play career mode I attempt suicide regularly.
  14. Thanks Crayo, I love you.
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