Zach's Q&A Video Part 2

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Zach, Oct 17, 2013.

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  1. Skype name?
    Matija Nastasic looks like Jason Biggs from American Pie.
    cup size?
    Tits or Ass?
    favorite American football player?
    favorite NBA player?
    least favorite athlete?
    least favorite user?
    Aids or D'Z?
    Crayo or Xanth?
    over/under 40 minute run time for this vid?
    Reaction to finding out Senhor Perfect BANNED me?
    drug of choice?
    What do you drive?
    Why does Liverpool suck?
    D'Z > Zach
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  2. Why do I love you?
    Why do you love me?
    Why do you deny loving me?
  3. How big's yo dick
    Are you as much of a lady's man as Mike. ?
    When will this video be up?
  4. If you could ban someone?
    BLFFL, Deathclaw or Gohan?
    Whos winning the ECL this year?
    Fave La liga team?
    Predict whos winning the Premier league and whos gonna be the worst team.
    Sunderland or cornwall?
  5. Why did the chicken cross the road?
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    Best tits on the forum?
    A member that scares you.
    What asks but never answers?
  7. Superbad the GOAT movie or what?
    You going to college yet?
    Will you fart on camera?
    5 of the hottest women under the age of 30
    What do you do when you're not on here?
  8. Vaginas or butts?
  9. Fart please :gusta:
  10. lots of retarded questions, since theres a lot ill make this tomorrow.
  12. Who would you fuck on this forum?
  13. you better not be talking about my questions slut
  14. I wish I could rep you for tagging niggaswag but that doesnt exist anymore.

    Anyway, since you're doing video could you give us a Crayo impersonation?
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  15. awesome. yes please
  16. just remember the crayo impression

    do you watch BB? if so give me your top 3 characters in order w/ reasons
  17. what in the fuck is this.
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