Zack Morris marks only thread, AC Slater is an inferior male specimen

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Dec 2, 2013.

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  1. Fingers his butthole

  2. Has a small dick

  3. Has a hairy butthole

  4. Suck ballsacks

  5. Has a huge anus

  6. D'Z FTL!

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  1. Who wants to chat it up


    edit: I didn't post that. ^^ rude, Xanth.

  2. Reminds me of your Aids Johnson thread back in the day
  3. guess I've done too many drugs since then. doesn't ring a bell
  4. Nah, you're just stupid. Too lazy to search but it was made in Fall of 2012. Not sure if Aids was banned yet.
  5. dude.

    the drugs made me stupid
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  6. It was like a 20+ page convo between you and Aids. You guys were talking bout football, workaholics and possibly GN.
  7. Might have gotten junked or put it Deadman's hand.
  8. so this (what I'm assuming to be) 17 year old Asian chick, fine as fuck, came in with her mom earlier. she was wearing super short shorts and a baggier shirt, but she kept messing with it and pulling it up and shit showing off her figure.

    she wouldn't stop making fuck eyes at me and now I'm stuck hoping she comes back in sometime minus moms so I can spit some game and get this chick in the sack
  9. oh in the NWO section?
  10. I had the same situation last year. She was like 22 or something and she was making eye contact and shit. Although, it might have been because I was helping her.
  11. The OLD nWo,
  12. 22, idk, a little past their prime at that point.

    an yes I'm the biggest perv I know
  13. Hidy ho
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  14. She was asian, so she looked younger. I don't know. Working at a clothing store is the best cause you get to interact with tons of chicks.
  15. maybe starting to ring a bell. I feel like all we did was bitch at the mods for lurking in our section
  16. hi bb now it's a party
  17. yea for sure but you have to do some work. here I just push buttons to sell beer and stoges, at a convenience store located 2 blocks from sorority row of a college
  18. My work was folding clothes. Nothing really to insane. You get to choose if you want to do cashier or not.
  19. When I worked, I didn't do much. I just talked to my co-workers and if they wanted me to do something, I'd do it like for 10 minutes and then go chat some more.
  20. you ain't meeting no chicks folding clothes son. register is where it's at. I just sit on my ass and listen to satellite radio
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