Zack Ryder cuts good promo on his YouTube channel

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 10, 2014.

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  1. I'm willing to get behind this guy again. @Aids Johnson
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  2. Not bad. I wouldn't mind him getting another push.
  3. I wouldn't mind this turning into an angle, but I doubt WWE will pay him any notice sadly. Good promo
  4. Just watched this before you posted it, It's a good promo. I remember he was really over and getting a push then it just suddenly stopped. It'd be nice to start seeing him on TV again.
  5. Meh.
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  6. The music really killed it for me. I felt if he was ranting he would get the message through but the music makes it sound like a joke to me. He should have brought up how he should've faced Kane at 'Mania.
  7. Not bad. He still sucks.
  8. Great promo, I guess the rest is up to WWE's bookers.
  9. Omg that was beautiful.
  10. You do :jericho:

    I always feel super sorry Zack Ryder. There are far worse superstars that get more attention than him.
    That was a pretty good promo.
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  11. I give him respect where it's due and feel he should be bigger, yes. But I'm fine with where the current talent is at, for the most part.
  12. Great promo! The music was too loud and a bit obnoxious in the background, but I enjoyed the quality of the promo. I wish he was given more attention and more title opportunities in the company.

  13. He even calls out his own BS. Fucking legendary.
  14. He's a hero to all the jobbers out there.

    I hope this gets him a push!
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