Zack Ryder discussion thread.

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  1. Basically, Zack Ryder is complaining again. I've made this into an overall discussion thread about the superstar Zack Ryder, because he's always complaining and is being a jackass.

    This thread is solely dedicated to Zack Ryder's latest updates, discussion, complaints, about his push and any other content relating to him.
  2. On before no one else posts
  3. What if all of his bitching is one big work, trying to get him over as a heel the same way he got over as a face?
  4. Him complaining isn't wrong imo.

    Like I said, the dude has worked his ass of for years now, and still gets hold back for toolbags like Jinder Mahal, Bo Dallas and Khali.
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  5. How is he being a jackass? He got himself over all on his own and WWE pretty much said, "F*ck you Ryder!" and killed all his momentum. He come's off annoying at times, that's all.
  6. I like how you tagged @WWE unintentionally :haha:
  7. [​IMG]

    Ryder is awesome.
  8. Ryder isn't like CM Punk. They have both complained, but the only difference is that Punk is one of the top wrestlers and only looks like an asshole complaining. Ryder has the right to complain because with all his hard work (as annoying as his gimmick and his methods of getting over are sometimes), WWE still won't push him and the last time he had a push, it was a shit storyline between Cena, him and Eve. I'm a Ryder fan because of this.
  9. God i love you. I would kill to the be one who leaves you unsatisfied.
  10. Exactly. He's a self-made superstar who has a great following from his own hard work. I think he deserves a quality push in the WWE.
  11. Wisconsin FTW.
  12. On a serious note, this and a half. The way they buried the guy was atrocious enough, but the way they immediately added their own Youtube channel trying to capitalize on the way Ryder got over to get their own "hand-picked" talents over while leaving Ryder in the dust, is really despicable. Like pissing on the tombstone of his career he worked so hard to build.

    Ryder and Rockstar Spud/Robbie E/Curt Hawkins for TNA Tag Team Champions.
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  13. He has every right to complain, but he's doing it so much that I'm starting to think it's being encouraged as some sort of work by the WWE at this point. They even showed one of his complaints on Raw a month or so ago, when they were flashing all their Twitter feed at the bottom of the screen.

    At the end of the day, he was a guy who got himself hugely over with the fans by his own means (they chanted for him to come out and attack Ziggler at Survivor Series 2011 and then popped loudly when he defeated him for the US Title the next month at TLC 2011) and sold a ton of merch and then once they got what they wanted out of him, they tossed him to the side. They jobbed him out, injured him, made him lose his best friend, got manipulated two or three times by Eve (it was his friend Cena who had to fight his battles for him on that one) and while people kept optimism that it was all building towards some sort of comeback where he bounces back from all of it, he never did. He's done nothing of note ever since.
  14. I'd be so pumped, but i have no faith in wwelogic.
  15. I'd be pissed off too if the company I wanted to be a part of so badly was just using me based on the success I created myself. I'm surprised he hasn't given them a :finger: and walked right out. I'm sure some of his fanbase would follow him out.
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  16. I would. I'm probably the only one on here that knows of his obsession with Bud Light Lime and Justin Bieber, lmfao.
  17. Wow, Zack Ryder is a 15 year old girl :Robbie:
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  18. :lol1: :otunga:
  19. He needs a push, it doesn't have to be title worthy. But he needs to be out in public and not jobbing more often.
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