Zack Ryder - Hoeski (Official Music Video)

Discussion in 'RAW' started by CrayJ Lee, Jan 17, 2013.

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  1. This video is ridiculous :haha:

  2. Oh Zack...

    Ok, this is much better than I thought xD
  3. RE: Oh Zack...

    Are you serious, bro? :dawg:

    But seriously, that was so shit, LOL, but hilarious. Hope he gets over again some time.
  4. Oh Zack...

    holy shit lol
  5. Oh Zack...

    :pity1: That was....pop like. Better then Lil Wayne though, but it was just so weird. Whatever though, hope Zack uses this in WWE for something.
  6. Oh Zack...

    That was garbage, nothing is worse than this. I'd rather be Rick Roll'd a million times over.
  7. Oh Zack...

    :lol1: From my opinion I think he did it for the comedy value. I thought it was pretty funny for that reason but the music itself was pretty awful.
  8. RE: Oh Zack...

    :meh: I wasn't entertained by the song, I'm sure the vid is worse.
  9. Zack Ryder Hoeski (official music video)

    Lol'd and cringed when he started rapping.

  10. Whether you like this or not, can you deny his charisma, creativity and desire? This guy needs to be a regular on RAW.
  11. Oh Zack...

    What an annoying thread title -.-
  12. Zack Ryder Hoeski (official music video)

    I didn't find this funny at all, but it was good attempt by Ryder, more than what most superstars would do.
  13. Changed the thread title so people can actually see it, lol.
  14. Good g-d...KILL IT.
  15. This song is on a death loop in my head .:upset:
    :woo: :woo:
    Its terrible
  16. :laugh: Oh that was good...

    Rapping was decent tbh.
  17. :notsure:
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