Zack Ryder Interview

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Senhor Perfect, Mar 4, 2013.

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  1. Since he mentioned it, he probably will end up being SMS GM.
  2. Ryder is such a boss. I really hope they give his character the tweaks he needs instead of burying him to be a santino character on SMS. Fuck that.
  3. I agree with you, He works hard and deserves a good push, though i'd agree with Tweaking his character!
  4. Another one with Arda Ocal

    He's everywhere
  5. What he said about Ziggler is completely true, he sells like a boss and has a money in the bank briefcase. Yet most nights he Jobs to someone. It's a real shame D:
  6. #FireRyder
  7. SMS GM isn''t much of a step in the right direction for Zack but it is a step. I think it's real unfortunate that he won't have a match at the mania in his home crowd. I think it would be great for him to get a match against Cesaro at least, even if he has to job.
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