Zack Ryder & The Shield?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by William, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. I don't think this will happen as WWE writers couldn't handle something as complex as this but just hear me out.

    As we all know Zack Ryder's show is coming to an end next week and this week he made an angle where he said if it was going to be killed he would be the one to kill it. I was just thinking that in a storyline Zack Ryder could have contacted The Shield and ask them to get him justice and the Raw after the final episode of ZTLIS Ryder debuts as a member of The Shield as a heel claiming WWE treated him wrong and like dirt and that he will get Justice and Revenge for them treating him how they have.

    Now this goes on and one night Ryder brings up the match he and Ziggler had planned and Zack says if he doesn't get the match then he and The Shield will ruin Wrestlemania and the shows leading up. The GM or Triple H refuse the match for a few weeks and during those weeks The Shield absolutely destroys everyone and ends up targeting the Royal Rumble winner. Triple H or the GM organise a match at Elimination Chamber with Ryder & The Shield vs The Royal Rumble winner, the champion he didn't choose to face at WM & to other people they could fit in there wanting revenge. The first EC is for the Title and the other one is a #1 Contenders match for at WM.

    Through out the match Shield and Ryder constantly cheat and end up winning after the ref is knocked down and they assault the other team with weapons that way the other guys don't lose credibility and Shield + Ryder win.

    So at WM Ryder and Ziggler face off, the match can end either way, The Shield do not interfere at all. After the match is over Ziggler and Ryder shake hands. Later on in the night is Triple H vs Lesnar. Ziggler, Ryder & The Shield attack Triple H after the match and then announce Ryder is joining them and he's felt mistreated to and then the storyline can just go from there with Ryder & Company feuding with Triple H and WWE management saying they want title shots and they eventually get them at Summerslam and win. (Not everyone has to win just at least one.)

    Like I said WWE Creativity probably couldn't think of something like this but I just feel it would make a lot more sense than their other storylines at the moment and would be alot more interesting.
  2. As Gohan would say;

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  3. Interesting idea, but IMO the Shield are going to start to separate after WM.
  4. Interesting thought process considering early this morning Zack tweeted the following:

    That came after he vented a bit on Twitter about WWE skipping him on the most followed Superstars list, even though he has more followers than the Miz. One tweet, for example:
    However, I still can't see him actually aligning with The Shield or becoming a fourth member.
  5. What is WWE's problem with him seriously?
  6. Don't think the Shield needs any new members. But still, Zack is not used enough, really.
  7. This is a good idea. I like the creativity and the thought you've put into this as this would actually make Zack Ryder relevant again. They've got a problem with him which we all do not know, I'm sure WWE don't just hold grudges against you. I can see him departing from the company very soon.
  8. Was that tweet before or after I posted this thread? If it was after I'm physic :cornette:
  9. I really wish I knew. I can't blame him for being upset about the situation and his predicament.
  10. :haha: Sorry to burst your bubble, but he tweeted that before your post. His about The Shield letting him in was posted around 2 a.m. Central time.
  11. Well that's very specific, but I don't think the Shield will be that big to get that type of storyline. It would be interesting to see Ryder in the shield, but I don't think WWE'll do that. He did tweet something like "@WWESheild do you have room for one more" or something like that. I just can't see Ryder jumping from where he is now, to going to the Shield. However if that did happen I would definitely mark. I also don't see it happening soon with Ryback going after The Shield right now, it just doesn't fit quite right.
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