Zack Ryder to turn heel?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Tombstone Piledriver, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. [video=youtube][/video]
  2. Honestly, i couldn't care about Zack Ryder's career.
  3. Zack Ryder, I hate you.
  4. sounds like he might be hinting towards dropping his party boy gimmick, thank God, but i doubt he will
  5. Look at the end of the video.
  6. Couldn't care less. He's like a Jersey Shore version of Santino
  7. Changing his character, turning heel or staying face won't help Ryder at all. Ryder is okay in the ring and "ehh" on the mic. If he wants to get anywhere he's going to have to improve himself. Hope it happens cause I happen to like TLIS, even though he dissed Jersey once :aries:
  8. He is a horrible character, but in ring he is pretty damn good. Santino is a joke all around.

    Ryder needs to stay face, and get more time on tv after winning the rumble, at least they gave the guy a little cred, have him run with it.
  9. Santino isn't that bad of a wrestler. His gimmick is what holds him back in my opinion.
  10. He has been horrible for a long, long time now. He has the sheamus/orton complex IMO. Get roughed up, come back, near miss from finisher, then cobra strike. If he wants to be relevant, get a finisher that doesnt look like it would break your fingers instead of knocking someone out. His old, old stuff was alright, but those days are long gone.
  11. I really think he needs to turn heel. He might finally get a push.
  12. IMO he isn't good enough on the mic, and him being mean is unbelievable. He just needs to convince wwe to get a match on youtube for the internet title, show he can get 500k views, and get some extra TV time. He isn't a champion outside of the net.
  13. The pre-show only gets around 30k-40k views. Can't see Ryder been able to get 500k there.
  14. Give it a shot. 500k is hugely overpushing it though, i will agree there.
  15. Ryder's last time main eventing a pre show (vs Kane) did well if I remember, it was around the 40k mark. As was the battle royale. So giving him another pre show shot wouldn't be stupid at all.
  16. ^this guy should be my microphone. Still shaking my head at posting 500k.
  17. Nah, pre-shows get a lot more views. They get 30k-40k viewers Live but the total will be a lot more. The SummerSlam 2012 pre-show had total 744k+ views right now, NoC has 560k+ etc..
  18. You can watch the pre-show not live? :haha:
  19. Zack Ryder's youtube show only does 100 k views so I don't think it'll reach that 500k bench mark on loyal fans alone. The fact that the Internet title being in it's first defense however might get it up to 300k.

    I think they might be saving that for next year's wresstlemania pre-show. It would make a lot of sense.
  20. he shouldnt and probably wont turn heel. he needs to stay face
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