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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Jul 5, 2016.

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  1. I'm not sure if this is just the optimistic Ryder mark in me or whether this is something WWE is trying to push, but I was thinking that Zack Ryder might be in-line for a push.

    Since losing the title, he's been slowly but surely being presented as more of a strong talent. He was the last man remaining and narrowly loss the United States Championship battle royal. He's been being showcased for months. He was just recently representing Team USA and being one of the finalist for the match.

    It seems like WWE is trying to keep him relevant, while slowly building him up for a match for the Intercontinental championship. I know WWE isn't one for long, drawn-out stories anymore, but they're capable of doing it. I just find it weird, that Jobber Ryder has been being featured and built up. He's getting more merchandise out, and has been doing good.
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  2. He's not getting another push.. Zack Ryder sucks.. He'll always be at the bottom of the card where he belongs... At least it's better than the unemployment line.
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  3. Idk I think WWE is just teasing him as the guy who can just never break the glass ceiling. But he could be the guy to take the title from The Miz, once the Marine 5 promotion is over they might make it up to Ryder by giving him a real lengthy Intercontinental Championship reign.
  4. You just had to do it.

    I want to believe that Ryder will get a push but every time I get my hopes up, it comes crashing down.

    I fall for it every time.
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  5. I hope he does. It's weird how they randomly give him this spotlight, then he falls hard. I hope he gets a push for the IC or US title as the brand split will help his career. We will see.
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    There's a brand split coming. Zack is probably going to be used as a gatekeeper midcarder for whatever brand he ends up on.
    Midcard constant, never really super pushed, but the guy the guys going upwards has to move through.
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  7. Any tease of potential Ryder success is one of the easiest pops in the WWE playbook :emoji_slight_smile:
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  8. I apologize if I'm glossing over others' posts, but I saw "Zack Ryder" as the topic and I"m on a bit of a time crunch. I do have brief thoughts on Zack though. Waifu and I are soooo confused by how he's used.

    He wins at Mania and then goes to jobberville again, he's doing this Hype Bros thing which may or may not come up to the main roster, and then he wins the main event of Raw last night? I know that match last night was the equivalent of an Exhibition match in WWE2K and not really important, but still it's odd. Is he getting pushed or not? I like him and want him to succeed, just not sure WTF is going on!

    Hope this contributes to the discussion which I promise to actually go back and read!!


  9. I think I'm optimistic too. Zack's never gonna be THE GUY, but he could be a super strong and fun IC or US champion for a long solid run. Maybe a couple good runs. He's built up a lot of good will with the fans and the office I think. He works VERY hard to improve himself, doing NXT on his OFF days. Fingers crossed.
  10. lol nah. We're not going to see Zack on TV for another 2 months again.
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  11. I like the dude and considering the brand split's coming, I wouldn't be surprised if he got some sort of a push.
  12. That's probably more accurate lolol.
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  13. Best case senario: He'll be drafted to a brand and become a main-stay of the midcard,maybe even champion. Worst case: He is drafted to a brand and stays where he is now. Really nowhere for Ryder to go but up( as opposed to the unemployment line).
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  14. Ryder seems to be the Ziggler of the lower mid card. Just like nothing came out of Ziggler's huge moment at Survivor Series 14, I doubt anything substantial would come out of this phase of decent-ish booking for Ryder. Both get shots of surprisingly strong booking from time to time only to be thwarted rather quickly.
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  15. They need to at least keep him on tv, give him longer matches ffs, and let him be the gatekeeper. His last Rezort promo is one of my favorite of all time, and it's a fucking youtube promo. Built himself up, and honestly would love to see how he would be used anywhere but the WWE. Charismatic, good in ring, but bland because he has had the same gimmick much, much longer than i've even been back watching wrestling.

    Push Ryder, IC title on him would be a TON better than this Miz shit. Hell, even the Rusev/Titus shit cannot be seen as anything more than Vinny Mac punishing Titus while for some reason continuing to make sure Rusev doesnt do shit with his belt.
  16. Miz is fire right now with his and Maryse' hilarious promos. That said... he doesn't need the belt. Zack would benefit more from it. I agree on all of that. I'd love to see hella Ruff Ryders off the top rope
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  17. Haha, Aids you're cracking me up with your ratings. :emoji_slight_smile:

    Let me be clear I'm a huge fan of Zack Ryder and I'm entirely optimistic about his career. He's done nothing but put in WORK to improve himself after his push dwindled before. People in this business live and die on reinventing and improving themselves, and that's all Zack does. He's gonna be just fine. I just like to crack jokes and shit too. :emoji_slight_smile:
  18. Don't think you know what gatekeeper means. He'll never be used to keep the houses up, in any capacity. No one spends $50 to see Zack Ryder in the midst of a shitty 3 hour show.

    To add to what you're saying though, he needs a place on the card. He, and many others, just drift around the midcard. He should have a specific purpose. I think being the opener is his best place. He should be relied on to get the crowd excited. He's over and is a good wrestler, with a catchy gimmick. Perfect formula for an opener talent, and it isn't a diminishing or embarrassing thing, because all great wrestlers are relied on, at one point or the other, to open and get the crowd hot.
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  19. Exactly. Opening the show is a lot of responsibility. You gotta get the crowd going.
  20. Well looks like someone has answered your prayers because as of Smackdown this week Ryder got a clean win over Sheamus and may be looking at a US title match at Summerslam.#Summerofwoowoowoo ?
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