Zack Ryder

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  1. Does anyone else hate him?
  2. I would not go as far as hate. I do not like him because of his cocky attuitude and over active mind when on the show. He needs to settle down now and stop his over the top act. Otherwise he will not get very far. It is all well and good playing to the crowd but he takes it too far and gets annoying quite quickly. There is no doubt he has the wrestling abilities but he needs to play a more settled character.
  3. I'm a big fan of his creativity in creating his YouTube show and his comedy overall. He could improve abit on the mic imo but other than that he's above average. I love the way he makes people interact with him when he's in the ring.
  4. I love him. Earned his way to the top by making his YT show. He was literally going to be fired within weeks of starting it, but he made himself get over. Now he's just as over as the big big guys. Anyone who gets "We want Ryder" chants during Rock's speech at Survivor Series is doing something right.
  5. I love that guy. He was about to be future endeavoured when he started up this youtube thing and now look at him. Its clear that hes staying in the WWE for long now. I bet hes the future along with Miz, Ziggler, Cody etc
  6. What I like is how WWE used it well. He's just as over as the big guys, so they put US title on him to bring some credibility to it again (having him involved in ME matches) and pushing Ziggler towards main event.
  7. Nah, Ziggler is still in the US title scene. On RAW Vickie was wanting his rematch.
    EDIT: Unless of course they plan him to lose, but I don't see how that would transition him to the main event scene.
  8. He needs to lose to get into the ME. And he was main eventing SD this week with DB wasn't he? Think he was. But yeah, just like Miz done. He dropped US title but can't remember who to, then went into the ME.
  9. The same way the miz did after he lost the US title people always lose titles to move up the card. My guess is he goes into the EC looks strong has a match with someone who's in the upper midcard at mania then starts featuring more prominently in WWE / WHC title matches at ER onwards. Dependent obviously on the draft.
  10. Definitely. WWE seem very high on him, even though he is jobbing. He's at every single PPV opening the show, often wrestling more than one match there now too.
  11. i think the dude is amazing seriously he is a self made guy he was at the end of his run almost on the verge of being fired and he thought i'm gonna lose my job anyway i might as well try to do something that's what he did and now look at him now don't get me wrong he is being overused but he has gotten over his merch sales prove that :emoji_grin:
  12. Hell yeah, he's the 3rd top seller I think atm for t-shirts, competing with The Rock, Cena and CM Punk. No one can say that's not amazing, even his haters. Also WWE have changed his gimmick around slightly, before his comedy roll was jobber. A 2 second match with Sheamus, anyone remember that? Now he at least comes off as a happy-go-lucky fun nice funny guy, who can go in the ring if he has too.