Zack Ryders recent anger at management most likely a work.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Those of you who follow Zack Ryders youtube show ZTLIS know that in this weeks episode Zack wented irritation and anger towards WWE's creative team and management. The Episode was also made to look heavily edited by WWE brass. The Dirtsheets immediately started whispering about Ryder being released by the end of the month and further buried. Recently though things have shown up that points to this being a work with 99% certainty.

    First of. Ryder loosing streak on TV does not reflect his record on the live shows. Where he and Ziggler are feuding and trading wins like one would see in a well worked feud. The fact that they still have Ryder win matches even if only on the live show shows that creative and management still have interest in Ryder.

    Secondly. Ryder is one of the more popular faces for the younger generation and whenever he is on either RAW or Smackdown it is still visible that a lot of people like Zack. Despite his crappy booking his Broskis young and old still hold on to the Long island native.

    Third. Ryder is one of the WWE's best merchandise sellers. As can be seen at live events, a lot of people buy Zacks merch and WWE just released a shit ton of new merch for Ryder. Up to 13 new sets of merch for Ryder including a night light, growth chart, ipad skin, laptop skin and alarm clock as well as a new T-shirt was released this weekend during the live tour of Europe. Does this sound like something you do if you plan on firing the guy at the end of the month.

    Zacks place in the WWE family seems safe and I think that the so called anger at management is the start of a new angle for Zack. Since he was the one who lost the match against team Ace at WM. This could become the start of his feud with someone within Ace group of stooges. A new turn in Ryders career that solidifies him as one of the big mid card babyfaces. WWE want to run more feuds over social media. Why not use one of the superstars that are front runners in social media to do just that?

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