Zack Sabre Jr Working Towards WWE

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Neptune, Feb 17, 2016.

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  1. According to The Wrestling Observer, British wrestler Zack Sabre, Jr has been a rumored WWE prospect for quite sometime now, and with WWE’s current working relationship with EVOLVE, Sabre might be working his way towards an eventual WWE signing. The Observer notes that Sabre Jr. is getting a work visa and is expected to work full-time for EVOLVE this year.

  2. No shit, Meltzer.
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  3. Boring grapplefuck is boring.
  4. LOL, I thought you liked ZSJ.
  5. Decent wrestler, but is as interesting as watching paint dry.

    Gable is what Sabre would be if he had personality.
  6. Great mat wrestler for sure but he is hardly a wwe type guy, nothing else to him which I do not mind but yeah would be strange set up for both parties.
  7. It seems like I'm reading the same things that I was reading about if Styles or Joe or Steen or Devitt or KENTA or Danielson or Castagnoli or Punk or....well, you get the idea....ever signed with WWE.

    I, for one, welcome Zack Sabre, Jr., and his efforts to make it to the NXT/WWE roster. I hope, if that's what he wants, he gets his shot and makes the most of it.

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  8. Who is this roody poo?
  9. ZSJ doesn't have the personality of any of them bar Kenta (which was more a language issue), even Devitt had more character development with the Bullet Club.

    He's fantastic worker don't get me wrong but the personality isn't really there like it was for ones you listed.
  10. Count me in on the Sabre has zero personality club.

    The lad is an amazing call back to the old British style, to the point of it almost becoming parody (it's not uncommon for a Sabre match to look more like dancing than wrestling at points). But he has almost negative charisma
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