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  1. Making his way to the ring from Chicago, Illinois weighing at 187 pounds standing at 6 ft 4 tall....Zamorakiaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

    Lol sorry here's the real introduction:

    Name: Dave

    Age: 17

    Favourite Superstar & Why: I have Orton and then i have C.M Punk but Punk is the one i like the most because he shows some inspiration once he steps into that ring he also shows real wrestling and he is a true talent which inspires alot of people, i really like him and he is the best at what he does period, i could write a more detailed description about it but i'd rather keep it short.

    How long I've been a fan of wrestling: 8-9 years.
    Favourite Wrestling Company: WWE.
    Will I be active here: Sure..nice forums.
  2. Haha 6ft 4 :O. Very nice :emoji_wink:

    Welcome to the site, glad you signed up. Punk retaining at the Rumble? What do you think?

    Hope you stick around :smile:
  3. A man of your caliber need no introduction... Welcome to the forums man :emoji_slight_smile: Also glad to hear you are an Orton fan :smile:
  4. Welcome to the site @[Zamorakian]
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome guys, CM Punk will definitely retain at the Rumble.

    Yeah im a 'part' Orton fan because he was the first favorite i had but then C.M Punk the best wrestler in the world came :emoji_grin:
  6. Haha good post! Lots of CM Punk fans here. :thumbup:
  7. Haha good post! Lots of CM Punk fans here
  8. Welcome to WWEF.
    I have to ask, how did you come up with that username? :O
  9. Whats up MAYYYYNE
  10. That is actually a name i found from the boring game called Runescape which i used to play before and i was so addicted to Zamorak so i became his follower lol, really foolish but umm it's all a joke =)


    EDIT: Oh and if i haven't mentioned, i am Straight Edge too..
  11. I love that username personally.
  12. Thanks Crayo i like yours too =)
  13. Came up with "Crayo" when I typo'd "Crayon" on Habbo Hotel :rofl:
  14. Welcome to the forum, Zamorakian!
    Come and Join us with our wrestling discussions. :emoji_grin: