Zayn gets new music

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, May 29, 2014.

  1. Probably gonna debut tonight.

    Big fan of ska music so pretty hyped about it being ska (I knew Zayn was a ska fan as well so he probably had a bit of involvement in that). Not sure how well it'll get over but we'll see.
  2. Lower The Boom was better.
  3. Pretty fun song.
  4. (Obligatory @GrammarNazi82 tag)

    Lets see how he comes out with it, maybe he'll get a cool new entrance to go along with it with a bunch of cool confetti coming from the sky and such. (On it's own it's certainly an upgrade)
  5. You seen Bayley's new entrance bro?
  6. I'm going to hold fire on commenting until I see the entrance. The song alone doesn't sound terrible.
  7. It was heartmelting.
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  8. I wanna see Sami come out skanking to this theme. Like a true rude boy
  9. His old one was sick. They want one that fans can sing along to like Fandango's and Rose's? Yeah, because that's how you get over on the main roster. Stupid decision.
  10. tbf that's how he got over initially everywhere he went pre-wwe.

    People won't mind dancing characters if there's actually stuff to the character instead of just a dance and a catchphrase. Dancing Sami would be more like Team Hell No-era D-Bry than any-era Santino.
  12. Somebody give Sami decent music, that was horrendous. There are so many good artists out there that their songs could be used, fuck CFO$!
  13. Haha CFO$.. Oh well, it wasn't terrible, at least it wasn't that #SELFIE song ripoff that Tyler Breeze got, although Tyler Breeze is actually in that music video by the Chainsmokers which cracked me up.
  14. All these haters need to stop hating and start skankin.

    The theme fits Zayn very well as it encapsulates his fun loving and high energy persona. Plus he looks natural coming out to it.
  15. I like it, it fits him so much better than his old Limp Bizkit/Beastie Boys cover band theme.
  16. This fucking sucks. It's making me lol actually.
  17. Pretty good, it suits my boy Sami Zayn.
  18. I think it suits him well. I wasn't hooked on the song at first, but it works with his entrance.
  19. I need to see it I guess. The song alone is not doing it for me.
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