Zayn steals show at live event

Discussion in 'NXT' started by Stopspot, Sep 7, 2013.

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  2. He will be in the main roster by Suvivor Series
  3. Awesome, Zayn and Cesaro can indeed put on some great matches.
  4. Water is wet, birds fly. Generico da bess
  5. This is awesome, I just hope the WWE doesn't end up wasted him once he becomes a main.
  6. So impressed with his recent showings, and I'm sure WWE are too.
  7. Dolph Ziggler steals the show every night not Zayn
  8. Im guessing he is one of the reasons that NXT is drawing large crowds at their shows, he might be on the main roster by either Survivor Series or TLC, outside chance he might feature in the Royal Rumble. But if he was on the main roster, what title would they push him for?? U.S or IC????

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  10. True, very true :emoji_slight_smile:
  11. Shut up, Just shut up. Please just leave.
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  13. Hell yeah thats great news. Still salivating over the thought of Bryan vs. Zayn. Don't care when.
  14. This is awesome news, I'm honestly really excited to see when Zayn will be called up, hoping for it to be soon.
  15. There's a live event close to me tonight and now I'm considering getting tickets on the chance that Zayn'll be there

  16. Sami's entrance.
  17. Did you go?
  18. I didnt and i kick myself for it because he was there
  19. Awwwwwww *WWEF community boos*

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