Zeb Colter and Jack Swagger address Glenn Beck

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  1. Haha, this is awesome. Perhaps this is good news for Swagger too.

    Edit: just finished watching it all, wow.

    1) They went completely out of character, and this is on the official WWE channel.
    2) It had a badass feel to it where WWE is defending their content.
    3) They invited him on air again... I instantly thought it was some sort of work. Lmao.
  2. I'm glad this was uploaded, I hope they are continuing with him. Hopefully all of these aren't "pre-recorded" and it's new.
  3. That was a really nice video!
  4. Holy shit this is awesome, stupid political analyst had me rolling :lol1:

    Most definitely a work to an extent, but they're breaking kayfabe enough to cater to Beck's audience. There was nothing in that video that Beck's viewers didn't know or could easily research, and a kayfabe promo they would have dismissed as "stupid wrestling drivel", Namedropping other popular TV shows really hit home.

    I'll bet here's your celebrity Mania tie-in, and a brilliant way of doing it. Big props, Vince and Creative, you deserve a lot of credit for this one.
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  5. What a pussy.
  6. SOOOOOO much win.
  7. Incredible work WWE. That was fucking awesome, Zeb is an unbelievably good talker.
  8. Am I the only one who wants Jack and Zeb to get a bloodhound named Glenn or Beck?
  9. Amazing video. Zeb sums wrestling up VERY well. Could be showed to anyone who likes to make fun of it.
  10. I'm so glad managers are getting a bit of a revival.
  11. This is great. The video touched on some very nice points, and seeing them making fun of Beck on screen would be awesome lol.
  12. Whilst that idea is awesome, how would WWE build this on TV?

    "Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter will be facing off against the guy who says our scripted promos offend people! Jack Swagger will be dishing a fake beat down on this stupid political analyst"

    Yeah, I don't see it being a Mania' match, and in one way I hope it's not. Why/ Because WWE finally grew a pair of balls and rebuttaled the stupid press it sometimes gets.

  13. Wow, Steph is surrious bro.
  14. Haha mock him, I love it.
  15. It is Meltzer though, we'll see.
  16. Lol, they aren't having a mania match. It'll be Swagger vs ADR with Glenn Beck at ringside, and he'll have some involvement before or after the match, much like Mickey Rourke. Or a backstage segment.
  17. So it's ludicrous that at some stage I did think this was a work? WWE receives quite a bit of negative feedback frequently, and I've never seen them reply in this strong manner. Maybe Vince has genuinely found his grapefruits. This storyline would be Vince Russo style baby :russo:
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  18. I don't like this. I don't think wrestlers should get out of character even for situations like this. The WWE acknowledging wrestling as fake and entertainment has hurt the wrestling world. Wrestling was once a work of art. Some fans are put off by them acknowledging wrestling is fake. Telling fans and kids that this is fake ruins the storyline. Many children believe this stuff is real, and some of them will stop watching when they find out it is fake.

    How are people suppose to dislike heels when they show their true selves?

    Bad move Vince!
  19. Like Glenn Beck will give a fuck about WWE making fun of him. Not that I like the dude or anything. I love how WWE takes it personal when someone denies their services. Similarly was the way they felt Jericho and Edge 'went against them' by not wanting to let them dictate their lives outside of WWE.
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