Zeb Colter rants on twitter, Hinting possible angle

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Star Lord, May 20, 2013.

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  1. Zeb Colter has been ranting on twitter about the result of Swagger's match, This may be hinting a possible angle with David Otunga.


    This would be interesting to see happen, We would most likely get some court scenes and stuff and with Zeb there it would be very entertaining.
  2. Wasn't it pretty obvious that the three way angle was continuing? This is just their way to justify Zeb and Jack sticking their head in it. Swagger will interrupt the Ziggler vs Del Rio match whenever it happens, setting up a triple threat.
  3. Yeah, it was already reported that WWE wants to continue to do a three way storyline between them. I thought the ending last night was clever. Don't remember seeing the "instant replay" or "throwing in the towel" stuff used in awhile.

    Supposedly they still want the triple threat ladder match, even if it takes to Summerslam to get it. I would hope we could go ahead and get that out of the way at Payback but it WOULD be a great WHC for Summerslam. I just don't want to see Swagger and Del Rio continue to feud over the WHC with Ziggler in the middle all the way till August.
  4. Yeah, it did seem like the angle was continuing. Seems like we're getting the triple threat at Payback.
  5. Fuck that sounds terrible lmao.

    And of course the angle is Zeb and Swag bitching about the finish, that doesn't make it any less retarded. There were tons of ways they could have accomplished the same thing without doing the instant replay trash
  6. WTF?
    Oh :isee:

  7. 3 Months of pointless matches with the three of them every single RAW. Horrible
  8. See, Zeb, this is why your guy isn't champion. David Otunga, really?

    The Law Offices of Park, Park, and Park: Ready to take your referee malpractice case with just a simple phone call.
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  9. Incorrect, I think we need someone who strikes fears even in The Joker himself. Time to get this guy....
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